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AI chat bot tailor-made for the telecom industry

AI chat bot tailor-made for the telecom industry

When OpenAI launched an interactive, conversational chat bot – Chat GPT – it took the world by storm faster than anyone could predict. A very important feature is its capability to understand and answer follow-up questions within the conversational flow. 

Now, imagine an AI chat bot, which leverages natural language processing and understands the specific context of a telecommunications network, basing its answers on the trustworthy data collected from the network. 

That’s exactly what Nokia Digital Assistant does. 

It’s the telecom industry’s first purpose-built, conversational AI chat bot, based on the Nokia Language Model developed by Nokia Bell Labs. It’s been trained with a large collection of technical documentation with technical vocabulary, acronyms, and specialized phrases. The latest, advanced version of the chat bot has been designed through mind mapping the thought process of a telecom engineer. 

Our customers are already today leveraging Nokia Digital Assistant to make the work of their care engineers easier.

Access to right information 40% faster

One of the big challenges telecom care engineers face in their day-to-day work is how to find the right information within the magnitude of data coming from the network. In a typical network, data is collected through multiple platforms from countless sources including faults and alarms, counters, KPIs, configuration and parameters, topology, and more. A typical care engineer spends on average more than two hours per day searching and processing the information. 

Nokia Digital Assistant is trained to understand and respond to a wide range of queries written in natural language, whether help is required with a specific alarm or to learn more about the network. It parses the network data and comes up with right information 40% faster than a human engineer. 

These are some examples of queries an engineer could type:

  • Show me all the sites running the latest software release
  • What is the status of a feature in my network?
  • Which base stations are having alarm 7107 right now?

Imagine receiving the right answer to your questions in an instant. This is a reality today with Nokia Digital Assistant. 

Nokia is at the forefront of developing natural language processing for the telecom industry

What makes Nokia Digital Assistant stand apart is the use of the Nokia Language Model based on natural language processing. The biggest advantage of using the language model is that it helps the chat bot decipher what is being asked rather than relying on a string match. Moreover, the entire conversation has the flavor of natural human interaction. But most importantly, our chat bot gives accurate responses. It’s like talking directly to your network and letting it guide you. 

The solution is based on agile design in which the tool platform and the natural language processing engine are independent from each other. The modular architecture allows multiple conversations to correlate information and provide a personalized experience to all users. The latest enhancements include the capability to analyze sentiment and improved performance, which ensure even better responses. 

While public AI-based chat bots are parsing information from a myriad of sources, Nokia Digital Assistant has been trained to be particularly effective and accurate in the telecommunications context. Based on customer satisfaction surveys, 95.5% of end users are happy with Nokia Digital Assistant as it fundamentally transforms their way of working.

Are you ready to harness the power of AI? Talk to us today for a live demo of the award-winning Nokia Digital Assistant Advanced!

Deepak Harie

About Deepak Harie

With more than 25 years in the telecommunications industry, Deepak is a dynamic senior executive who is passionate about using business transformation, digitalization, and innovation to drive superior customer experience. He currently leads Nokia's largest network technical support and deploy business, where he is responsible for the strategy, portfolio, delivery model and business performance across deployment, software and hardware support, and customer training. He has most recently prior to that also led the Cloud and SI professional services unit for Nokia.

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