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Alibaba delivers hot new experiences in South Korean winter sports viewing

Not long ago, the world’s focus was on South Korea with winter sports captivating viewer attention. How spectators experienced the events, whether in person in the freezing cold, or watching at home, is a subject worth exploring. I believe there is still room for improvement, and opportunity for transforming such events to become truly digital.The Virtual Reality that I experienced, for example, fell short. The close-up shots were okay, but the resolution on wide angle shots could have been a lot better. It’s vital to deliver the best digital experience because TV viewership is in decline, and millennials opt for online entertainment instead, which is where the sponsorship money is increasingly gravitating.

At the Korean events, Nokia and Alibaba gave a sneak preview of the future of digital engagement. Take Nokia’s 5G radio and Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) technologies, and combine them with Alibaba Cloud’s strong cloud computing services. The result was a compelling offering for the wider space of sports, media and entertainment. Nokia showcased a pre-5G fan experience, which could be extended to global fans by leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s global network and services.

Over the next ten years, the combined strength of Nokia and Alibaba Cloud’s technology will improve the experience of iconic events and drive fan engagement to a new level. Together, Nokia and Alibaba re-imagined the complete fan experience, from buying tickets to interacting with the Games on the spot by real-time video streaming, augmented reality, live virtual reality and video analytics, all via mobile technology. Enabled by Nokia’s multi-access edge computing and Alibaba Cloud’s cloud computing services, the smart stadium solution will bring new opportunities to the sports industry all over the world.

While you wait for your 5G Stadium experience, learn more about 5G events here.

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