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Connect, optimize, monetize with Nokia Device Management

Connect. Optimize. Monetize with Nokia Device Management Portfolio

An average household today has 7.1 digital devices, and we rely on them more and more. From smartphones to tablets, smartwatches to fitness trackers, and AR glasses to IoT home devices, our lives are seamlessly intertwined with cutting-edge technology. The era of connected living extends beyond our homes, with connected cars, robots, drones, and sensors paving the way for smart cities and a smarter life.

However, as the device landscape flourishes, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) face formidable challenges. Effectively managing and securing this diverse fleet of devices poses many hurdles. Can these CSPs navigate the complexity of multiple devices and vendors! How can they streamline and optimize millions of customer devices efficiently! And most importantly, how can they seize the untapped potential of emerging trends to revolutionize businesses and unlock new revenue streams!

Nokia device management portfolio offers a comprehensive answer to all these challenges. We help CSPs: Connect, Optimize and Monetize, empowering them to embrace the boundless possibilities of the connected world.

Discover our unmatched capabilities across Home, Mobile, IoT, and Enterprise Segments

In this ever-evolving landscape of technology, Nokia offers comprehensive solutions that span across home, mobile, IoT, and enterprise segments. Let’s just take a quick look at them.

  • Home Device Manager (HDM) is a standard-based, highly secure, and scalable home device management platform that supports TR-069 and TR-369 standards, enabling remote management of millions of multi-vendor Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs) and IoT home devices and opening up new monetization opportunities within the home ecosystem. With over 150 deployments worldwide, HDM manages more than 150 million CPEs and over 5 million devices within several deployments.
  • IMPACT IoT is a scalable, flexible, and multi-tenant IoT platform that offers IoT device management, data collection, and analytics capabilities. We provide end-to-end security for any device, any protocol, and any application, enabling the creation and monetization of new use cases. With proven scale for large-scale IoT networks, IMPACT IoT is built to meet the demands of tomorrow. Nokia IMPACT IoT is recognized as a market leader in device management for massive IoT and a top innovator according to influential market analysts ABI Reseach.
  • IMPACT Mobile is a converged, cloud-enabled solution that provides secure management of network-connected mobile devices throughout their lifecycle. Empowering CSPs with a diverse device management portfolio, IMPACT Mobile offers additional revenue streams for carriers through enhanced service offerings. Currently, it manages over 1.8 billion devices, with more than 250 device management installations worldwide and handling 120,000 distinct models. 

Our portfolio of products goes beyond managing devices to handle subscriptions, providing eSIM and iSIM Remote SIM Provisioning for machine-to-machine and consumer device subscriptions through Nokia ISIM Secure Connect. 

  • iSIM Secure Connect enables CSPs and Enterprises to quickly onboard and manage connected devices at massive scale and opens opportunities to monetize services linked to trusted digital identities.

We are building our next-generation device management solutions on extensive experience

Connecting things and people 

We empower service providers with a versatile Device Management portfolio that spans a wide range of devices, connecting them flawlessly to networks, apps, people, and other devices. With our solutions, service providers gain real-time insights into device performance, efficiently manage their lifecycle, troubleshoot issues, and generate invaluable reports, enabling informed decisions on device usage and status.

Our solutions leverage standard protocols and cutting-edge technology to handle massive-scale devices efficiently. Nokia has successfully managed 1.9 billion devices across home, mobile, and enterprise networks serving over 300 global customers for device management.

Optimize: streamlining the device management processes

We empower CSPs and enterprises to streamline their device management processes. Our Device Management solutions support multitenancy, optimizing operations by providing a centralized management framework to manage and monitor multiple tenants and Enterprises from a single interface. Our solutions are vendor-agnostic, allowing CSPs to work with technologies from all vendors. This multivendor capability enables a heterogeneous device ecosystem to be managed through a unified management platform. 

With over 120,000 recognized device types and 25,000 devices capable of over-the-air updates in its library, Nokia is the leader in the industry with its device interoperability program. Adding to these, we offer automated bulk device management for millions of devices, leading to operational efficiency by enabling fast registration of new devices and customers, in addition to faster time to market.

Monetize: Unlocking revenue opportunities

Our innovative solutions support a wide range of use cases, catering to the evolving requirements of CSPs and enterprises, which unlocks new monetization opportunities. Our top 10 device management customers have saved a combined one billion euros, showcasing the immense value and transformative potential of our solutions. 

  • HDM enables IoT management for next-generation digital home gateways, IoT devices, and apps, offering new monetization opportunities within the home ecosystem. 
  • IMPACT IoT supports iSIM together with LPWA technologies, enabling the creation and monetization of new Enterprise use cases across any app, helping CSPs to increase their average revenue per device.
  • IMPACT Mobile opens new revenue streams by enhancing carriers' service offerings through supporting multi-SIM, plan transfer, geo-fencing, Rich Communications Suite, Network Slicing, and more. 
  • ISIM Secure Connect allows for revenue opportunities and significant cost, space, and resource savings. It supports pioneering new use cases like Digital ID, Remote SIM Provisioning, Profile Templates Creation and much more.   

iSIM & HDM are delivered through Software as a Service (SaaS), enabling improved cost management, lower TCO, compelling economies-of-scale while eliminating financial risk related to software maintenance.

Are you ready to face the challenges of this complex digital world?

If your CSP wants to be able to manage the complexity of diverse devices, streamline operations, and seize new revenue opportunities in this ever-evolving device management landscape, Nokia delivers a comprehensive solution for service providers to connect, optimize, and monetize. With this you can confidently navigate the challenges of the connected world and stay ahead in the race of connectivity. And isn’t that the dream? 


Henda Zayane

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Henda is a portfolio marketing specialist responsible for Nokia Device Management, which includes IoT, iSIM, mobile device management and home device management. Henda is a tech enthusiast and skillful digitally savvy marketer with experience in branding, social media, web design, and search engine optimization. 
She is eager to leverage her digital expertise and expand her knowledge in the telecommunications industry to keep up with faster-paced technology.  

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