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Enhancing site deployment and evolution with Digital Site Twins


In the dynamic landscape of Radio Access Networks (RAN), informed decision-making is critical for network infrastructure owners. The Digital Site Twin can be a transformative tool, offering unmatched capabilities to plan network deployment and site evolution. Now, let’s unpack the potential of the Nokia Digital Site Twin Solution to revolutionize radio network site management, addressing key challenges and outlining strategies for leveraging Digital Site Twin solutions across various stages of the telecom site lifecycle. Read more to learn how this solution enables faster time to revenue, reduces the number of required site visits and improves health and safety.

Virtual replica of a site accessible anywhere, anytime

The advent of digital twin technologies has revolutionized various industries, offering virtual representations of physical systems. However, possessing these platforms alone is insufficient. To unlock their full potential, companies need resources—data, tools and infrastructure—to enrich the digital counterpart. The complexity of these systems also demands expertise and practical experience. The synergy between a sophisticated platform, comprehensive resources and human insight transforms digital twin technology from a simple tool to an efficient, innovative solution. Nokia’s Digital Site Solution exemplifies this triad. This AI- based Digital Site Twin is the most precise in the field and enables expert-created resources for all phases of site infrastructure management, empowering customers to optimize their current assets and make smart investment choices to gain competitive advantage.

I presented the Digital Site Twin and its relation to site engineering in my previous blog:

The Nokia Digital Site Twin represents a shift from traditional 2D architectural site design towards the dynamic 3D era. We are essentially creating 3D digital replicas of physical sites. These replicas serve as the foundation for digitized services such as Digital Site Acquisition and Digital Site Construction. Leveraging technologies such as AI-driven analytics alongside our telecommunication expertise, we have crafted the Digital Site Twin in an easy-to-use format, accessible anytime and anywhere. It runs smoothly on any common browser and doesn't require a supercomputer. In fact, one can even access Digital Site Twin with a smartphone, making it convenient and user-friendly for our customers.

The high levels of precision in the Nokia Digital Site Twin allows customers to visualize, analyze and optimize site layouts with exceptional detail, reducing errors and minimizing onsite visits. This precision-driven approach not only enhances project efficiency, but also contributes to better decision-making, enabling companies to make informed choices for site design, construction and ongoing maintenance.

Equipment in digital site twin

Get to Revenue Two weeks faster with the Nokia Digital Site Twin

Telecom infrastructure owners can use Digital Site Twins to conduct comprehensive assessments of real-world conditions within their existing sites or potential new sites. These assessments cover factors such as physical site conditions, environmental considerations and overall site conditions. By meticulously evaluating these aspects, we can minimize delays and optimize site placements or expansions. Tower owners especially benefit from Digital Site Twins by gaining insights into available physical space. This ensures proper allocation of space to multiple operators sharing a site and identifies any issues such as overlaps or improper spacing between equipment and antennas.

Furthermore, Digital Site Twins play a crucial role in enhancing site construction processes. They enable accurate planning, safety risk identification, efficient resource and time management, and overall quality control. Different teams involved in engineering and building a site can seamlessly collaborate using Digital Site Twins. These twins provide a shared platform for data visualization and analysis, facilitating effective decision-making. This results in faster time to revenue by up to two weeks.

Beyond construction, Digital Site Twins are invaluable in evaluating changes to existing infrastructure. Before any physical work takes place, the Digital Site Twin allows thorough assessments of feasibility and effectiveness. For example, when doing scenario planning on an existing site, engineers can use the twin to explore optimal designs, changing different configurations on a site repeatedly until an optimal solution is found. The unlimited possibilities of site evolution planning are a great benefit that the Digital Site Twin brings to the table. Additionally, the specific bill of materials required for these planned changes can be generated automatically, expediting the planning and site preparation processes, which is valuable for any project manager.

Mount view in digital site twin

70% fewer physical site visits

Thanks to a precise digital replica of a site, unnecessary site revisits for checking physical measurements and characteristics are eliminated. We are achieving better first-time-right quality across all projects using the Digital Site Twin. Many times, after a site is surveyed, we can find deviations from the original plan and solve them quickly using the Digital Twin. Case studies highlighting the deployment of Digital Site Twins demonstrate tangible benefits, such as reduced deployment time, faster time to revenue, 70% reduction in site visits and overall enhanced customer satisfaction.

Nokia’s Digital Site Solutions, powered by our Digital Site Twin, enhances site infrastructure management. Leveraging precision, AI, analytics and simulation, Digital Site Twins can help optimize TCO, reduce health & safety risks and streamline processes. As telecom networks evolve, adopting these solutions becomes crucial for superior connectivity experiences and to meet the demands of our interconnected world.

To learn more about Nokia’s Digital Site Twin Solution, please take a look at our Solutions Brief here or reach out to one of our many subject matter experts.

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