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Glitz, glamour and Carrier SDN

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Shifting the cloud network conversation from cost savings to service innovation

Leading Lights Carrier SDN award
Steve Vogelsang with a firm grip on the hard-earned SDN trophy.

This past Monday, Nokia’s CTO for its IP and Optics Networking business, Steve Vogelsang, attended a gala event where he had the honour of accepting the industry’s most coveted Software-Defined Networking (SDN) prize in 2016, the Leading Lights award for the Most Innovative SDN Product Strategy for the company’s Network Services Platform (NSP).

Competition for this award was stiff. Everyone wants to get into the SDN game. But SDN means different things to different people. And Carrier SDN – creating networks as agile as the cloud - brings with it a new level of complexity that needs to be sorted so its full potential can be harnessed. Before that can happen, however, we need a monumental shift in the telco cloud conversation.

Much of the initial discussion around Carrier SDN was focused on cost savings. But the growing enterprise demand for a cloud-like network service experience is changing the carrier SDN conversation from cost savings to service innovation at network providers everywhere. Why? Customers want network connectivity services that can be provisioned in seconds – not in days or weeks – so they can be consumed when they want, where they want and how they want. They want rapid delivery of new network features so network services can keep up with the ever-evolving ways in which cloud services are being consumed.

To address these challenges, operators and vendors are refocusing Carrier SDN to incorporate a DevOps operating framework where building, testing and releasing software can happen rapidly and more frequently. From a network perspective, this means making the network simpler and easier to program so that new features and services can be delivered in a continuous stream.

At Nokia, we believe the telco cloud is bigger than cost savings. We fully embrace the concept that service providers can reach the operational speed, efficiency and service innovation necessary in order to create a network environment as agile as the cloud. Our NSP, the SDN star of the awards last night, gives operators a fresh, inventive approach to carrier SDN. One that takes the complexity out of IP/optical networks so they can be consumed and programmed on demand. And one that delivers the dynamic service experience enterprise customers want, with the efficiency and scale service providers need.

Find out why the Leading Lights panel of judges and our NSP customers think we’re onto something big and take a deeper dive into our NSP webpage.

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Tony Kourlas

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Tony is the Director of Product Marketing for the NSM and carrier SDN product portfolios within the IP-Optical Networks group at Nokia.
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