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Nokia launches zone applications for complete venue connectivity


I often see people in public places with their heads down, busily using their smartphones to email, chat and share. They seem detached from what’s going on around them. Indeed some cities have introduced smartphone-only walking lanes on existing pavements.

But there is another way to use smartphones. One that will help users to interact in new ways with their surroundings instead of ignoring them.

Imagine being at a motor race and using your mobile to choose live video from different cameras around the race track so you can see the action everywhere instead of just waiting for the cars to zoom past the grandstand every few minutes.

Airport users could benefit from an online guide that doesn’t just show the way to a departure gate but gives useful live information such as the length of the security screening queue.

At an exhibition, what if I could switch myself into the conference center and start attending the keynote on my tablet while still on my way to the venue? Or while at a retail mall, wouldn’t it be great to receive relevant offers from nearby stores to improve my shopping trip?

All these uses, and many more, sound simple but are actually technically demanding to achieve. Subscribers are quickly frustrated by a video stream that is delayed by seconds if not minutes, or cannot even be accessed at all. Furthermore, solutions available today are tailored, making them difficult for users to adopt and costly for venues to deploy.

At Nokia, we’re changing that with the introduction of ‘zone applications’, a solution that comprises everything needed to build a complete venue connectivity solution. The solution deploys high performance voice and data connectivity using small cells, LTE in licensed and unlicensed bands, the latest generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi and core network APIs. It also implements Mobile Edge Computing to run latency-sensitive, compute-heavy, bandwidth-hungry applications right inside the venue. Finally, there is a consumer app to allow visitors to access all the services.

A range of exciting applications are available for fast deployment, such as live video streaming using LTE. And by live I mean less than 1s between screen and reality, a delay that would be unnoticeable to most subscribers.

All of which adds up to an easier way to build effective indoor coverage and a short ROI for deploying small cells and Wi-Fi into venues.

Zone applications creates a wealth of possibilities for operators, venue owners and merchandizers to generate new revenue by sending contextual content, advertisements, vouchers and personalized discount coupons to smartphone users at the venue.

In addition, real-time information about crowd flows would help venue stewards to guide people and help the event to run more smoothly. Such information could even be life saving in an emergency.

Discover more about zone applications – a Nokia solution.

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Amit Gurtu

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As product marketing manager, Amit Gurtu is responsible for Nokia Networks’ mobile broadband product marketing and content development. Prior to joining Nokia, he held several positions at Lucent and IBM. He has a Master of Telecom Management from ICFAI University and a Bachelor degree in Electronics & Communication from Gulbarga University.

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