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Huawei loves Nokia Siemens Networks Consulting!

Rarely does a competitor turn out to be your biggest fan. But that's the only conclusion that can be drawn from the ringing endorsement of how we market our consulting by Chinese company Huawei.

Huawei's 2012 brochure on telecom consulting services, "Achieving Business Success":HWcover

will ring a few bells with operators who've read the approach outlined by Nokia Siemens Networks' experts in their 2011 brochure "Achieving your business objectives":NSNcover

Beyond the headline, layout, sections, titles and colour schemes, its in the brochure's detail of the different consulting business practices that the compliments really get paid.

In 2011, with its Customer Experience Practice, Revenue Capture Practice, Efficiency Practice, Transformation Practice and Security Practice, Nokia Siemens Networks obviously set the trend for telco consulting.


So much so, Huawei has followed suit setting out its Customer Experience Practice, Revenue Generation Practice, Powerful Network Efficency Practice (a little creativity creeping in there) and Transformation Practice in an eerily similar way.HW_services_1

Nokia Siemens Networks outlines the key issues to address:NSN_key_issues

...but guess who else doesHW_key_issues

We can only speculate as to why Huawei stopped at 4 out of 5 and hasn’t launched a Security Practice.

Our consulting team was a little disappointed not to see some familiar faces in the "Meet some of our Consultants" section.

Meet consultants from us:NSNconsultants

Or from them:HWconsuiltants

Although it is noticeable that the practices of the consultants in the Huawei brochure, and indeed on its website, don't seem to match with the business practices outlined in the brochure. It's as if they've been cut & paste from elsewhere!

Of course it's not the first time our enthusiastic competitors have paid us the ultimate compliment. It was November 2011 that a rather familiar slide popped up in a Huawei presenation, (we think it's been seen a few times) using copyrighted content generated in our Smart Labs in Finland:

The original from Nokia Siemens Network

"Huawei's" slide

Still, it's nice to see that more recently, through the judicious use of a thesaurus, font changes and colour-tweaking, we can dismiss as wildly over-exaggerated any noise around our competitor and issues related to intellectual property.

Ironically, the brochure ends asking: "Why Huawei business Consulting?"


which should perhaps continue: "...when you could be talking to the real experts at Nokia Siemens Networks."

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