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Innovating with Services for China Mobile: Big data for more flexible operations

This blog is by Riitta Siira at Nokia Networks.Twitter: @RiittaSiira

This blog is part of our #ExpertAdvantage series – giving you the inside scoop on how Nokia Networks Services solve real operator challenges.

Delivering the Expert Advantage for China Mobile

When I think of China, I see on the one hand an exotic country with a compelling and complex history. On the other hand, I see it as a huge source of opportunity for innovation.

In 2014, our chinese Professional Services team was granted the “Service Innovation Award by China Telecom Industry” – for helping our customer smoothly transform towards 4G and establish O&M centralization. Based on standard process and joined up working across the teams, 12 new services innovations were introduced to make it all happen. The "Integrated Performance Management system" (i-PMs) was one of them.

More recently, thanks to this innovation from Nokia Networks, China Mobile’s application delivery time was cut by 50% and related development costs by 67%. Basically, we helped China Mobile transform its operations by implementing its first Service Operations Center.

This was achieved by building an integrated shared data analysis platform, unifying data models and setting up a solid mechanism and management process.

“We compared this solution to other vendors’ offers, and found that Nokia’s platform substantially improves operational efficiency. In addition, Nokia’s System Integration Services played a major role in efficiently integrating the solution with our current operations.”

Chen Xi, Data Department Manager, GDMCC, China Mobile

Following the success at GDMCC, the project has been expanded to include other provinces including Beijing MCC, Jiang Xi MCC, Yunnan MCC and Xinjiang MCC. CMCC HQ has also adopted the architecture as its enterprise-level big data process standard and set a flag for other provinces.

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