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Introducing OZO Audio, best in class OZO audio technology for camera manufacturers

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At Nokia, we believe that a core ingredient to making virtual reality feel like life is spatial 360° audio. Built into our OZO camera and captured through its eight microphones, our proprietary OZO Audio technology is our newest standalone product that can now be licensed by any camera or smartphone maker.

OZO Audio is an advanced spatial audio technology with 3D recording and playback capabilities. Designed specifically for smartphone and consumer camera manufacturers, OZO Audio enables you to capture spatial sound and then play it back as if you were there. Even better, its Audio Focus mode lets you accentuate the right sounds while reducing ambient sounds or background noise.

OZO Audio is adaptable to virtually any form factor and only requires two or more microphones. It is the ideal solution for manufacturers looking to differentiate their products with world-class immersive 3D audio. OZO Audio technology delivers on better-than-life sound and will mean your devices will be 100% ready for the 360° video and audio revolution.

Check out the full feature list on our product page, watch our demo video to hear what sound captured with OZO Audio sounds like, and reach out to us to learn how OZO Audio can help you capture breakthrough audio on your devices.

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