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There isn’t a service challenge we can’t solve

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At Nokia we continue to challenge ourselves in response to our customers’ need to remain at the forefront of technology advances and manage ever-increasing network complexity.  This is especially true of our Network Planning and Optimization (NPO) business.  We innovate to help our customers address the needs of their subscribers, and to improve operational efficiency with lean processes and cutting-edge tools.

Here’s what operators report as their main NPO challenges:

  • Differentiating networks through Quality of Experience
  • Increasing operational efficiency whilst reducing churn
  • Better allocation and usage of network resources
  • Faster response to network performance issues impacting subscribers

Across our NPO business we provide innovative, differentiated and productized solutions that accelerate competitive advantage. The innovation journey infographic below illustrates how we continue to be at the forefront of innovation within our Industry.

“Yes it’s possible” = our default answer to operator requests

Our unique Multi-layer optimization methodology boosted the performance of Sprint’s network moving them up the rankings in Root Metrics independent performance benchmarking.  And Nokia Preventive Complaint Analysis service enabled China Mobile to significantly reduce complaints related to network and service issues.

Network Planning and Optimization (NPO)

Industry analysts agree: 3D geolocation a game changer for NPO

During Nokia Services Analyst Day, here’s what Current Analysis had to say:

“Nokia’s focus on mobile broadband has resulted in the development of tools (3D network modeling), processes (robust remote delivery) and solutions (predictive services, iSON automation) that have set it apart in the services market, where differentiation can be difficult to convey.”

Innovation Rating: Very StrongNokia Networks - Telecom Vendor Services – Current Analysis

Recent advances in big data provide a cost efficient way of processing an almost unlimited amount of data. This means that decisions will not be made by experts or software in isolation, but by a combination of analytics and big data enabled NPO services. The recently launched Nokia AVA, is a new cloud-based cognitive platform that will be an exceptional springboard for further innovation.

Going forward, platforms such as Nokia AVA will continue to seamlessly gather and correlate network/user data, allow future use cases to be automated, enable radical process and work flow transformation and provide insights. Our services expertize and innovation heritage will build on this, helping our customers transform, evolve to 5G and leverage a multitude of IoT use cases.

Visit our Nokia AVA webpage for more information.

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