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The limitless cable network


As daily life becomes more digital, the ways consumers and businesses create, consume and communicate continue to evolve. This evolution is placing significant pressure on the way cable operators create, deliver and manage their services.

Broadband, both fixed and mobile, is already the new lifeline service, bringing with it challenging new performance requirements. To survive and thrive in this increasingly mobile and cloud-enabled ultra-broadband digital world, operators must innovate with new network technologies and architectures that allow them to enable smarter network operations, deliver new levels of performance, and create thrilling customer experiences.

The cable industry has always found ways to successfully ride the waves of change that have transformed the business from cable TV to where we are today. As new services and new experiences proliferate – on devices designed for purpose in the new digital world – it’s unrealistic for cable operators to expect to be able to deliver on networks designed for the old world. The key is to evolve cable networks in a way that augments and enhances existing infrastructure, while becoming fit for purpose in today’s – and tomorrow’s –  digital world.

Nokia clearly understands the challenge cable operators face today: to transform existing operations and infrastructure into a limitless network that addresses business, service delivery, and customer demands, now and in the future. On top of that, there’s the additional challenge of driving revenue/bit further ahead of cost/bit, while enabling cable operators to out-perform and out-innovate their CSP and nimble web-scale rivals.

Nokia has deep expertise in the technologies and architectures that are required to address these challenges, from a comprehensive portfolio of wireless technologies and solutions, to massively scalable, secure IP networks – and more. In short, we build networks without limits, networks that address:

  • Fiber and Fixed Wireless Access
  • MSO edge cloud and virtualization
  • Mobile/Wi-Fi for cable MSOs
  • 5G Anyhaul
  • IP + Optical aggregation and transport
  • Customer experience
  • Analytics, Automation, Security and Assurance

For a more detailed look at how Nokia is helping cable operators around the world build limitless networks, I invite you to visit this page.

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Jay Fausch

About Jay Fausch

Jay leads cable segment marketing in Nokia’s Customer Marketing and Communications organization. Having spent the last 25+ years promoting the latest, cutting edge technologies for cable operators and other customers, his passion is distinctively old-school; a fully restored 1965 Ford Mustang.

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