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Nokia and Verizon Bring 5G Demos to Dallas

Last week in Dallas, Verizon and Nokia hosted a spectacular Business After Hours event at the Toyota Music Factory to showcase 5G to Verizon’s diverse customer base in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Together, we put on a variety of immersive 5G demonstrations to help educate the more than 500 attendees about how to monetize a wide array of 5G use cases.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the reactions of people seeing the demos as 5G became personal and meaningful to them and they could begin to visualize using it in their own lives. Event attendees listened in to a ‘fireside chat’ with Nokia and Verizon executives talking about the state of 5G, and a one-on-one with Entrepreneur Daymond John of Shark Tank. The event was a great visual of what 5G has in store and underscored the strong 5G partnership between Nokia and Verizon.

Nokia Verizon

5G Drones Automate a Harbor in Challenging Conditions

During the event, customers circulated through a selection of Nokia demonstrations, including 5G-enabled, remote control of high-speed drones for harbor automation. This scenario illustrated the control and monitoring of high-speed drone swarms in a simulated harbor with challenging radio conditions. The drones autonomously could track actions, containers, and vehicles in the harbor, identify damage, summon service teams, detect anomalies, and alert operators.

Nokia Verizon

Connected Tools Digitize the Manufacturing Process

Another really engaging use case focused on a 5G-enabled private enterprise network for error-free assembly operations in manufacturing. This experiential demo showed how connected tools in a private enterprise network help digitize manufacturing assembly and training processes with intelligent insights, enhanced productivity, and agility. Participants could use a connected screwdriver and a pre-emptive, ultra-low latency quality check system to assemble a working product.

Smart Cities are Now a Reality with 5G

The model of a smart city allowed Verizon customers and other attendees to see for themselves how a connected 5G city can better anticipate, react to, and recover from natural disasters by smartly bringing together innovative services from different city areas. For example, in public safety, a 5G architecture can help city officials to proactively prepare for natural disasters. In addition, advanced analytics may be used for situational awareness and improved decision-making capabilities. City traffic may be monitored and optimized as well.

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5G Enables Haptics, Simulates the Sense of Touch

A very popular experiential demo we presented was of a 5G-enabled tactile internet that enables haptic applications. Humans have five senses, but electronic devices communicate with us using predominantly just two: sight and hearing. Haptic feedback changes this by simulating the sense of touch. In this demo, visitors used a robotic arm to feel different materials on a remote surface.

Nokia Verizon

Gaming and Fitness Experiences with 5G

And, last but not least, Nokia showed experiential demos of some consumer applications that also proved extremely popular with attendees. These showed Verizon clients how 5G’s ultra-low latency can bring exciting new capabilities to their own end consumers.  One of the best examples is online gaming. Nokia showed 5G-enabled online ping pong gaming using VR headsets to compete against remote opponents. Users could see the difference in the experience without low latency and what happens when the opponent is moving and reacting faster than you are. The other example we showed was an interactive fitness bike, showing physical fitness and motivation through real-time interaction with participating virtual partners.

This event was a resounding success in showing Verizon’s customers first-hand how Verizon and Nokia make 5G extraordinary, and the impact 5G can have on their daily lives and businesses. As Nokia rolls out 5G on Verizon’s network, the two companies are paving the way to unleash a world of opportunities.

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