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Nokia at CES 2017 shows how 5G will unlock new ways to communicate

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Having the right piece of information, knowledge, or awareness at the right time is crucial to completing our work and daily life tasks. If only we could summon the right people when we need them, and have them show us how to proceed in our time of need!

We’ve all been there at some point, trying to find our way in the world or figuring out exactly how to operate or fix something. Yes, we could always call and talk to someone and now we can share video, but sometimes even that isn’t enough in our high tech world of apps. Sure they’re designed to help but sometimes hinder those who aren’t tech savvy.

Two is always better than one, and being able to summon assistance at anytime, anyplace using your mobile device falls to the network. It’s the connectivity we rely on every single day, millions of us connecting and sharing information in ways we never thought possible just a decade ago.

The saying goes ‘we can do the impossible, miracles just take a bit longer’, or do they? We are on the cusp of a revolution in connectivity that will shatter all of our expectations in terms of the speed and reliability of our communications. The time it takes to transmit the data through these connections, known as ‘latency’ will be reduced so significantly that we will be unable to perceive any delays.

5G will be a fundamental progression in the way we design, build and operate our future networks that will unlock many new types of interactive communications for people and machines. This  will transform entire industries, having a positive for us as consumers, but even more directly it will give us the ability collaborate with each other like never before.

This is how Nokia sees the path to 5G:

With these new breakthroughs, our mobile devices will become more than  just extensions of our physical selves.They will become extensions to others whom we choose to share our experiences with, granting them instant access as if they were right there with us in those moments of need.

Imagine being able to collaborate in VR space with your team, who can then directly assist you. Or the more fun side of having a multi-player game with overlayed live video of the participants that requires instantaneous detection of screen taps and movements.

The human possibilities are endless, even in today’s 4G networks, where many of us enjoy catching virtual monsters using our phones. It may not have been something the network was originally designed for, but it’s definitely a lot of fun.

We’ll never be able to predict exactly how we will use our networks and that’s why 5G is being designed to be so flexible.

See you at CES 2017 in Las Vegas
Nokia will be showcasing the latest 5G developments and demos this week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017,  where we’ll be co-presenting at the Intel booth (Central Hall booth #10048) and on the Spotlight stage.

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