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Nokia gains top network performance RootScores, again!

Recently I wrote about the superior performance of LTE networks  supplied by Nokia in the US. Every six months RootMetrics, an independent network performance testing company, publishes 3,000 RootScores for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon in 125 US metro markets. Now RootMetrics has published the 1H2019 RootScores of these 125 markets and Nokia has excelled across the board again.

As in 2H2018, the 1H2019 analysis showed that Nokia-supplied networks achieved the highest RootScores across the 125 markets and in all six categories: network reliability, network speed, data performance, call performance, text performance and overall performance.

The US market is very advanced and scores approaching the theoretical maximum of 100 reflect that. Across the 125 markets and four operators, Nokia supplied networks score 96.2 in overall performance. This is 17% closer to the theoretical maximum than the networks supplied by Ericsson, the second placed vendor.

Overall performance

The US market is characterized by continued growth in mobile data traffic volumes. This means improving your network’s score is an uphill battle. With customers using ever greater amounts of data each month, network operators and network supplier need to create network capacity as fast (or faster) than customers generate mobile data demand. Sweating existing assets and optimizing network performance to the highest level is really very challenging.

Between 2H2017 and 1H2019, Nokia has worked hard and put in many innovations to drive up customers’ RootScores. Consequently, the Overall Performance RootScores are now more than 5% closer to the theoretical limit – that is a 100 points score - than in 2H2017. During the same time Ericsson supplied networks lost 19% opening a significant gap between Nokia- and Ericsson-supplied networks.

We are delighted that Nokia supplied networks in the US continue to set the gold standard in LTE network performance and we see that the results have a bearing on 5G network performance over the longer term as well. However, with so few 5G networks and user devices currently up and running, today’s LTE network performance in advanced markets like the US provide some of the most valid proxies of deeper 5G readiness of networks, platforms and suppliers.

Widening gap

The 5G era will be the most data centric era to date and increased network speeds and low latency will enable many new use cases, as well as improve the user experience. This is another area where Nokia has excelled again. The RootScores shows that Nokia-supplied networks are closer to the ideal 100 points score than Ericsson-supplied networks for network speed, network reliability and data performance.

Consequently, Nokia-supplied networks will give operators the best possible network performance, now and in the future, and Nokia is the partner of choice for LTE and the 5G era. We are ready to deliver extraordinary experiences to all our customers, every day.

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Performance awards, rankings, and results are based on analyses conducted by Nokia, combining results published by RootMetrics by IHS Markit with confidential information retained by Nokia. The RootMetrics awards are not an endorsement of Nokia. Any reliance on these results is at the third party’s own risk. Visit for more information regarding RootScore report methodology and awards.

Arne Schaelicke

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