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Nokia Networks plus partners adds up to leading network security

This blog is by Jishnu Dasgupta at Nokia Networks.Twitter: @Jishnu_Dasgupta

The movement to an all-IP world has been a double-edged sword – on the one hand, it has simplified network communications, while on the other hand it has brought down the security level of traditional networks. The roll out of new technologies such as Cloud, Hypervisors and SDN has paved the way for hackers to launch a whole new wave of attacks.

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All this means it is essential to develop and execute a comprehensive security strategy to fortify the network. However, the network itself and its sheer number of interfaces are so complex, that even identifying the flaws is a daunting task. Additionally, meeting statutory requirements also needs considerable expertise.

500 security solutions and service contracts

This is where Nokia Networks security services can help. With over 350 certifications, our experts have successfully implemented more than 500 commercial contracts worldwide for security solutions and services within the last two years. We have also helped establish key security standards through our participation in numerous global standards bodies. With our strong focus on security, we established the widely acclaimed Security Center in Berlin, where our experts continually search for new vulnerabilities and work out mitigation strategies.

A rapidly evolving security landscape requires the ability to collaborate in order to add new abilities. Nokia Networks constantly evaluates this landscape and develops partnerships with the world’s leading security vendors to enhance our portfolio with complementary solutions and services.

Our latest partnership with Nixu helps meet the rapidly growing demand for professional security services. Established in 1988, Nixu is a leading provider of services and solutions for corporate IT, digital business and the industrial Internet. Nixu’s niche expertise complements Nokia Networks’ security program by enhancing our offerings for tailor-made technical security assessment of traditional networks, secure cloud transformation, security operations management and network forensics.

Through our new partnership with Nixu, our security services continue to ensure that operators all over the world can rely on Nokia to secure their valuable network assets.

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