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Nokia wins GTI award @ MWC 16 for TD-LTE Tower Solution

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Towering costs? Our award winning solutions cut them down to size

Mike Wang, (middle) President of Greater China of Nokia Networks, General Manager of Alcatel-Lucent Shanghai Bell and head of the Joint Management Team, Nokia Networks China and ASB accepting the Solution and Application Award at the GTI Awards 2016 at MWC alongside Andy MacLeod (left), Regional CTO: Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific; Vodafone Group.

Site towers are the highly visible side of operator networks – they are a big reminder of what operators face when trying to provide an effective network for their subscribers.

And what they largely face are costs. Typically, tower owners charge operators according to antenna volume, equipment size and site space used. These costs make up a substantial part of network investment and OPEX.

Installation and maintenance costs are related directly to rising manpower costs. Therefore, flexible and simple installation is becoming a pre-requisite for site equipment.

Sites and towers also have limited space for antennas, unfortunate to say the least when operators are hungry for space to deploy multi-RAT (2G/3G/4G) and multi-frequency band networks.

Then there are the environmental considerations, encouraging operators to adopt smaller and more discrete base stations.

Lower costs, faster deployment
GTI award_Nokia_MWC2016

To help meet these challenges, Nokia has come up with some neat pieces of kit that put operators on the fast track to a lower cost deployment.
Forming Nokia’s TD-LTE Tower Solution, it won the Solution and Application Award at the GTI (Global TD-LTE Initiative) Awards 2016.  Here are the elements that comprise Nokia’s winning Solution:

  • Active Antenna System, which integrates the remote radio and multi-band antenna to save antenna and tower top space.
  • Multi-band Remote radio - one unit that supports several frequency bands simultaneously. This means only one radio and one wideband antenna are needed to build a multi-band base station.
  • Mini-macro base station – a true lightweight at only 10kg, this pocket base station packs all the punch of its macro brothers, with a high output power of 2 x 20 W for wider coverage and outside-to-inside coverage. And its compact size means it can be installed discreetly on walls or poles almost anywhere.
  • Nokia Flexi Zone, which offers high indoor capacity and OPEX savings. Through its unique zone structure with Flexi Zone Controller, it can work seamlessly with an operator’s current operational platform. It also makes for a very cost-effective deployment - supporting up to 100 Access Points, only two transport links, two IP address and one base station ID are needed.

Economic transport

Operators need a flexible cost-effective data relay, which is why they will find Flexi Relay so attractive - fast deployment and the most economic relay solution in the industry. Offering low investment with high capacity, it is also the only relay solution to support inter-vendor eNodeB and inter-vendor core network, with mobility also high on its list of attributes.

As such, it can be used almost anywhere, from suburbs to scenic spots and for coverage of disaster areas or over the open sea. Advanced software features enable all these hardware units to work together to form HetNets that provide high capacity and wide coverage cost effectively.

Overall, Nokia’s Tower Solution for Tower Installation and Maintenance makes it easy to install TD-LTE infrastructure, minimizing the equipment space needed. The TD-LTE industry is growing in importance and these solutions are encouraging the fast and widespread roll out of the technology. The major benefit for operators is that it reduces the cost of TD-LTE maintenance and spending. With lower costs and easier deployment, the ultimate winners of this award are the operators and in turn their own all important subscribers.

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