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And the award goes to…. Nokia’s 5G virtual reality demo at MWC 2016

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I’m not sure, but I think I may have had the most fun of anyone at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. 5G was the topic creating the loudest buzz, and much of it was resonating from the demo I had the pleasure of hosting: Nokia’s 5G Virtual Reality (VR) experience booth. This year was all about showing what 5G can do for you. And we intended to give visitors the first 5G experience of their lives, make it memorable and show the world’s first commercial 5G ready solution in action.

The demo also showcased the launch of our game-changing Nokia AirScale Radio Access, which reboots radio access for infinite capacity, invisible sites and instant innovation. In other words, the ultra low latency and high throughput of the 5G commercial platform enable us to deliver real-time applications with basically zero delay.

Visitors were treated to two live 5G virtual reality demos featuring new data hungry, zero latency applications on the 5G commercial ready system.

The first demo showed how training and education can benefit from a 5G system latency of less than 1 millisecond in a virtual reality environment. A student learns about stellar constellations inside the VR world conducted by a remotely located teacher. Teacher and student work together on the constellations and bring them to life literally reaching out to touch the stars.

The second demo deserves its own award as visitors could act as film directors, doing live monitoring of uncompressed Nokia OZO raw video stream from a remote location, seeing and participating in the event as if they were actually there in person. The demo highlights massive throughput capabilities with the streaming of raw video from the OZO 360 camera at 1.5 Gbps per video feed. The “director” can make real decisions and provide instant feedback to the crew at the remote site.

Throughout the event, the Nokia AirScale base station transferred over 200 TB of data without interruption.

In total, we showcased 13 5G live demonstrations at our Nokia and partner booths, bringing 5G to life in the areas of extreme mobile broadband, massive machine communication, and critical machine communication, featuring Nokia’s 5G end-to-end architecture. If you missed the action in Barcelona, be sure to catch an upcoming Nokia MWC 2016 revisited road show or contact your local Nokia representative for more information.

Tune in to this Nokia 5G webinar to learn more.

Read the press release to discover more about Nokia AirScale Radio Access.

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Chalermpol Juramongkol

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