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Our intent: make broadband “business as unusual”

Have you ever pondered the phrase “It’s the thought that counts”? The age-old idea that the intent matters more than the act.

Well, what if they were the same? What if you knew that an intent would always be delivered, without having to worry about how?

As the broadband world begins to embrace the ideas of software-defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV), Nokia is showing the future that they will unleash. A future where you can rely on intents in the network to gain more intuitive and automated control to deliver a gigabit experience to users everywhere.

At this year’s Broadband World Forum, we will introduce the very first intent-based networking solution for fixed access networks. By applying closed-loop automation, we are creating broadband networks that will self-provision, self-regulate and self-heal.

Today, we are already able to automate some operations in the network, but this is still quite basic compared to what’s coming. It always starts with an operator who wants to upgrade its access network and introduce new technologies like 5G Fixed Wireless Access. However, with each upgrade comes additional complexity that limits the operator’s ability to quickly introduce new services.

Intent-based networking decouples what is needed (the intent) from how to achieve it. Without the need for the OSS to micro-manage everything, the network can be more intuitive about resolving requests, translating a service requirement into an implementation. It means we can now automate everything.

As I alluded to earlier, intent-based networks and fully autonomous networks are the future. But the question is – how do you get there? It’s easy to adopt intents in new network builds – but how do you deal with the millions of broadband connections that are already in the field today? This is why Nokia provides a phased transition path to SDN rather than a highly disruptive big bang – basically, you can introduce our solution at your own pace, and for specific use cases that make sense in a multi-vendor network or a multi-technology environment supporting FTTH, FTTX and 5G.

The arrival of intent-based networking allows us to do things completely differently from the way we’ve always done things. No more broadband business as usual but, rather, business as unusual.

Unusual because it puts the customer before the network. Unusual because it evolves service level agreements to service level autonomics. And unusual because it puts operators in complete control of their SDAN evolution path and speed.

And that can only be a good thing.

At Nokia Fixed Networks, our intent has always been to help our customers connect as many people as possible to affordable, reliable and performant broadband, which is the heart of our Gigabit your way philosophy. And with intent-based networking, we continue to deliver.

Come see us at our booth at BBWF 2019 to learn more.

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Sandy Motley

About Sandy Motley

Sandy leads the Fixed Networks Business Group at Nokia. She holds four degrees from three renowned U.S. universities. The years she spent dealing with the wireless business makes her the perfect leader to guide our customers through the massive access journey. In her free time, Sandy likes to read, watch sports and spend time with her family.

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