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A Proud Moment for Nokia: #1 in IP Edge Routing


Dell’Oro, a market research firm, have just announced that Nokia is now #1 in IP Edge Routing worldwide for the first time. This is a proud moment for us and a gratifying result after more than 15 years building our IP routing business ‘brick-by-brick’ from the ground-up.

"For the SP Edge Router segment, Nokia took the number-one position for the first time ever in 4Q19. This has been driven by leadership in silicon with their FP4 that powers its routing platforms” – Shin Umeda, Vice President, Dell’Oro Group

Dell’Oro also highlighted Nokia’s global momentum in specific geographies:

  • Nokia retained the #1 position in EMEA for Total IP Routing for the 2nd quarter in a row
  • Nokia achieved the #2 position in North America for Total IP Routing for the first time

Exceptional achievements like this are the result of persistent focus and execution on our core strategy of being the world’s most trusted systems partner for the world’s most critical networks.  We have now deploy more than 1 million SR-OS routers in the networks of Communication Service Providers, Cloud Service Providers, and Industrials.

Building and operating modern networking infrastructure is hard work. The men and women who do so are modern-day heroes ensuring their systems perform and work always as demanded in today’s Digital World. As their trusted partner, you live and die by your innovation and your ability to help them ingest that innovation into their systems. Driven by FP4 silicon leadership, we have now won 140+ projects of which 100+ are new footprint ie, where we have defeated a competitor for a new project or displaced them in a network where they were incumbent. 

Allow us this brief moment to reflect on this milestone and thank our customers who have chosen us to build their networks together.  Thank you! 

Now let’s get back to doing what we do best:  helping our customers build the network foundation for 5G, Cloud, and Industry 4.0 with our insight-driven IP networks portfolio.

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Manish Gulyani

About Manish Gulyani

Manish is VP and General Manager of Nokia Deepfield. He was raised in India, educated in Ireland, and now lives in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Manish happily devotes himself to family, hiking and biking, and the never-ending business of getting people, places and things connected.

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