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Reaching New Heights with a Nokia Service Routing Certification

Kjartan Baldursson, a Network Engineer from Icelandic customer Nova and a self-described lifelong learner, has been working with Nokia Service Routers since 2012. His first experience was with our 7210 Service access switches, but as Nova's network grew, there was a need to evolve their IP product mix to include 7750-SR7s, SR1s, and 7250 IXRs. With a growing mix of Nokia gear, Kjartan understood that he would need a deeper understanding of the equipment Nova had deployed to help optimize their investment.

The Path to Certification

In 2015, Kjartan decided to start his path towards becoming a Certified Service Routing Architect, Nokia’s highest level certification from the Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program, in order to become an expert in designing, building and supporting Nokia Service Router networks and services. Kjartan had the desire and drive to become certified; however, getting there wasn’t going to be easy since Kjartan is visually impaired. In order to overcome this, Kjartan decided to reach out to the SRC team to see if they could help assist with his goal.

To help kickstart his journey, the team worked with Kjartan to develop a modified self-study guide that better met his needs. The modifications proved crucial for Kjartan, as he used his guide to optimize Nova's VPRN configuration to obtain more flexibility and control of their network.

Nokia’s SRC Team Lends a Hand

Fast forward to 2019: over the past few years, Kjartan was diligently completing both his written and practical exams.  Kjartan had arrived at SReXperts in Athens, a Nokia event that brings together customers, partners, and Nokia employees to learn and share experiences.  Kjartan was ready to complete the Network Routing Specialist II (NRS II) practical exam, an important building block to becoming a Service Routing Architect.  On the eve of the event, Kjartan, once again, reached out to the SRC team, to see if they could adapt the practical lab exam delivery format to accommodate his needs.

The SRC team had experience supporting Kjartan through his self-learning process but modifying the delivery of a practical exam was a first.  With their commitment to delivering excellence on their minds, they worked closely with Kjartan to identify his needs. Once they figured out what needed to be done, they worked quickly to identify some creative and practical solutions to help provide Kjartan with what he needed to succeed.

The next morning, Kjartan was pleasantly surprised to find a large monitor in the examination room was not for a welcome video, but for him!  The team had gone the extra mile to source the monitor and modify the size and format of the exam content so that it was easier to read. The team continued to provide support to Kjartan throughout the exam, with our proctor providing regular updates on the amount of time left in the exam session. The result: Kjartan was able to comfortably complete the exam, and his hard work and preparation had paid off as he passed the practical exam and officially became NRS II certified!  Kjartan later remarked:Having a larger screen helped me work more effectively through the exam and complete it in the given time period. I am always looking for ways to improve myself and my skills to be able to deliver the very best service to our customers at Nova and I'm very grateful for the Nokia SRC team."


Customer Success Drives Nokia’s Culture

On Kjartan’s experience, Sri Reddy, Nokia’s Co-President IP & Optical Networks, commented “supporting the success of our customers is at the root of Nokia’s culture. We are proud to see how training and certification programs such as the SRC and the Nokia teams behind them help drive our customer’s achievements.” 

The sophistication of our technologies is matched only by the capabilities of our customers and when your day-job is designing, building and operating massive, high-performance networks, profound technical knowledge is paramount!  Helping our customers keep on top of everything is the goal of the SRC team and we will go to vast lengths to ensure our customers get there.

Start your own personal journey towards developing and demonstrating your skills while maximizing your investment with the Nokia Service Routing Certification (SRC) Program. Get started today!

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