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SAMBA, a new choreography to boost network performance

Case: Latin American service quality center

The phrase "Think globally, act locally" has been used and applied in many different ways down the years. Yet, when it comes to innovation opportunities, challenges are often found in a local rather than a global context.

I’d like to share a good example from a Latin American service quality center. A few years ago, it faced innumerable code red events, old software versions running in customer networks, technical notes not implemented according to structured plans and poor knowledge-sharing. It needed to move from a reactive to a more proactive and predictive approach.


Nokia responded with its SAMBA care services solution. SAMBA, which stands for Smart Application for Mobile Business Analysis, takes network data and combines it with Nokia internal expertise, insights and engines.

Essentially, SAMBA looks at records and data trends to achieve faster, more efficient prediction of problems. The raw data is collected from different sources, mainly operation and maintenance tools, case handling tools, common databases and online services. SAMBA processes the data and presents it as a series of dashboards.

The result is better visibility of network performance, offering operators a better understanding of their existing business, as well as helping them develop new opportunities.

Operators in Latin America are using SAMBA to track preventive actions, analyze network performance and keep an eye on software life cycles, among other things.

Yet, that’s not the end of the story. SAMBA is being continually developed, most recently to include alarm monitoring analysis and correlation between the analysis areas. The solution also includes automatic email or SMS alerts based on pre-defined thresholds for each one of the focus areas.

The solution has been well received by Latin American operators and is being strongly considered in other continents. One operator said that the service helped them boost network performance and increase availability to unprecedented levels. This is vital to attract new subscribers, win new IoT business and be ready for 5G.

SAMBA is being integrated into the Nokia AVA. Launched at MWC 2016, this new cloud-based cognitive platform offers fast, flawless service delivery to operators worldwide.

Did you know: Nokia aims to incorporate 80% automation in around 50% of its delivery processes.

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