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Combine the best of network monitoring with service quality

This blog is by Elisa Saari at Nokia Solutions and Networks.
Twitter: @SaariElisa

“Help me ensure superior service quality and reduce costs.”

“What do we do when our customers experience poor quality of a service even when our network KPIs are ‘green’. It’s vital that we can quickly identify an upcoming service problem and solve it immediately so that subscribers won’t even notice an impact on their services!”

Sound familiar?

This is a conversation we’ve had with many operators who are keen to make the transition from basic network monitoring to more insightful service monitoring. With the help of our new SQM Service Performance software, operators can complement their Nokia Performance Manager (NPM) investment since it runs on the existing NPM cluster, re-using its hardware and OEM software, and is tightly linked to the NPM user interface. This dynamic combination allows operators to benefit from the NPM long-term network performance data and now also the real-time service performance data provided by our Service Performance module. 

Nothing speaks like concrete examples, however. Firstly, the combined solution allows for visualization of the top degraded LTE radio areas in NPM reports. To quickly understand how the LTE degradation might impact VoLTE, you can see at a glance how the VoLTE service is performing end-to-end. Based on your insights to impacted VoLTE Key Quality Indicators and related LTE radio sites and cells, you can prioritize your operations for speedy resolution of the problems. And, hanks to the SQM root cause analysis with geo-location, problem areas can easily be isolated. And last but not least, advanced reports can quickly be obtained from NPM to help you complete and follow-up on your network maintenance actions.

Learn more about Nokia Performance Manager and Nokia Service Quality Manager in the internet.

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Elisa Saari

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Elisa wonders how the 15 years she’s been at Nokia has just flown by so quickly. But her passion for Nokia Performance Manager and Service Quality Manager is certainly no mystery. As a hockey mom she wants to keep up with her son’s games in the U.S. – and enjoys the excellent quality of the streaming service to watch them in real time.

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