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Serving up extraordinary 5G starts with the best ingredients

Do it quick and do it right

When it comes to carefully planning and building a 5G network, the process has much in common with things familiar in our daily life. Take cooking. If we want to create delicious food for our family or friends, we need to plan what to cook, select the best recipes and buy quality ingredients.

You could do it all yourself – alternatively, you could trust a master chef to use their expertise to produce an excellent meal. As well as saving a lot of time, you would not need to worry about the quality of the result.

Similarly, when creating a 5G network, operators aim to serve up the best new services for their customers. Each step must be planned carefully, selecting the different technology ingredients and doing a large amount of integration to “cook it”. The integration process can be even more time consuming if the elements are from many different vendors.

A fundamental building block of the 5G network is the core. This is programmable, aiding fast and agile service creation and allowing automated network slicing. Although a core network can be built from separate elements, there will be a time overhead in the form of integration work. Similarly, a multivendor core will have a maintenance overhead, as upgrades to software packages must be tested to ensure smooth interworking with other elements.

Throw out overhead, gain time

Time-to-market is critical - operators face the challenge of getting their new foundational services into commercial operation as soon as possible. Quick and reliable rollouts of 5G cores are essential for this, achieved by avoiding the overhead of integrating a complex, multivendor core.

Just as important is the maintenance strategy of the new 5G core. Software upgrades must be smooth, timely and deployed in the shortest time in a predictable way. Overall, the core network must be deployed quickly and must be easy to operate and maintain.

Delivery off the shelf

Nokia can make things easier for operators by taking the risk out of deployment and integration and speeding up the process, while ensuring predictable life-cycle management. This is achieved through Nokia’s 5G Core Engineered Systems, off-the-shelf solutions that are pre-integrated and certified. Certification is achieved through a series of system tests – once the 5G System package is tested, it is certified internally, saving significant onsite integration time.

Similarly, staying up to date is simplified by verifying software upgrades at a system level. Operators get a robust, high-performance solution, which is always up to date and certified via continuous testing and delivery of release combinations.

The concept has been realized in readymade packages in 4G and now also in 5G.

For example, for 5G there is a package that delivers a complete pre-integrated 5G core network in the shortest possible time.

Should customers want an optimized solution for their 5G services. Nokia offers a modular way to that such as the 5G Data Management, Packet Core or the whole 5G Core Solutions.

All solutions consist of base build and maintenance services. These pre-defined solutions create leaner service offers in the shortest possible time. Time to market can be significantly less than going down the multivendor route.

Core Engineered Systems adapting to change

5G solutions deliver packages on frequent bases supporting customers to stay current with latest infrastructure and application evolvements following up closely Rel15 and Rel16 standardizations.

Using Core Engineered Systems, an operator can monetize 5G services in a much shorter time and assess new business cases with higher predictability and clarity.

Wherever you are in your plan to serve up extraordinary 5G, time-to-market and quality are vital. Nokia 5G Core Engineered Systems is here to provide the ingredients and recipe for success.

The opportunity is here for the taking.

For more information on how Core Engineered Systems could help you serve up extraordinary 5G, look out for Nokia’s upcoming roadshows.

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