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Shape it baby! Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015 now open

This blog is by Tuuli Ahava, Head of Big Data Analytics at Nokia Networks.
Twitter: @tuuli_ahava

Calling all innovators!

Enter Nokia’s Open Innovation Challenge 2015 by Sept 20, 2015 and help shape the IoT world.

If I think of one innovation that has shaped my own life the most, it’s gotta be the mobile phone, and more precisely text messaging. Without texting, I would not have my special guy in my life; without texting, it would have been impossible to monitor how my aging mom is doing in Northern Finland while I lived in the Silicon Valley, USA. Without texting, my social circles would be narrower, and I would be a far worse friend. It’s an innovation that made a difference and continues to do so.

Click the picture for inspiration:

Mobile communication has mainly been from person to person or within a group... human-to-human. Being online has become a basic right; it’s not any benefit or anything luxurious in most parts of the world anymore. Some years back our industry started to hype about machines communicating to machines - M2M. At that time I didn’t get it all; why should a machine talk to a machine, how could a machine talk to a machine? Cyborgs ruling the world? Oh please, give me a break.

How shortsighted I was. Years have passed, technologies have evolved, the Internet of Things has been introduced, and I realize that I totally missed the point of enhancing our lives by connecting meaningful things with meaningful things; giving everyday items a way to communicate, to report how they are doing, what they can offer to us and to our environment. In other words, enhance the human possibilities of technology. The power of connecting anything anywhere and making the world programmable promises amazing opportunities. Opportunities that might simplify and optimize our daily lives, rather than add complexity. If that optimization can add one hour of free time to my life, I’m all for it. But that’s not something one company or one person can do alone.

Text messaging, innovation, programmable world, optimized living ─ what’s the common denominator, you may ask?

There was a time during my early career when I thought all great innovation must be generated within the company I work for, behind closed doors. Ecosystem thinking wasn’t there yet. I didn’t understand the power of sharing ideas, enhancing them together, seeking innovation from outside of my own company, engaging with interesting technology players all over the world. Now I do.

So, all you innovators out there, this is your opportunity to join us and submit your ideas, technologies and business models via our third  consecutive Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015, which is carried out partnership with Nokia Growth Partners. Why? “Because together we will co-create, accelerate and perhaps even disrupt the wireless industry on our way to shaping the IoT world and our future,” says our Executive Vice President & CTO Hossein Moiin.

What’s in it for you? Learn more here.

Please share your thoughts on this topic by replying below – and join the discussion with @nokianetworks on Twitter using #NetworksPerform #innovation #futureworks #IoT.

Tuuli Ahava

About Tuuli Ahava

Tuuli is a digital automation leader at Nokia, currently concentrating on industrial applications. She believes in collaboration, ecosystems, and the power of sharing. Whether it’s the opportunities IoT, cloud and AI can provide, or the importance of using technologies to build a better world, she’s all in. Appreciating geeks, admiring “doing vs talking” about digital transformation and always ready to ask even the stupid question. Learning something new every day is her mantra.

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