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Slim down your base station sites

This blog is by Sukhpreet Sandhu at Nokia Networks.Twitter: @suSandhu

Introducing the world’s first dual band Flexi Radio Antenna System

Maybe all the weight loss diet scheme advertisements are getting to me but I can’t help but draw the parallel to base stations, as many are in serious need of a “get-fit” plan. Not only will they be leaner and fitter, but they’ll be able to do more too.

A key ingredient in what could be this year’s trendy diet plan for base stations was launched at Mobile World Congress 2015 in the shape of the Nokia Flexi Radio Antenna System (RAS). The system brings the leanest site solution for high-capacity macro sites with two bands using simultaneous 4TX MIMO and 4-Way RX Diversity.

Here’s how it works

The clever idea behind the Nokia Flexi RAS is to combine the antenna and radio by encapsulating two remote radio heads into the base station antenna. Antenna and radios in a single enclosure slims down the design of cells which saves site space, reduces feeder losses and simplifies installation and maintenance.

Running multiple frequency bands in one antenna also reduces the total number of antennas needed across the network. With the radio head integrated into the antenna, there is no need for weighty cables to connect them, so power losses are minimized and you can enjoy much better radio frequency performance.

There’s plenty of scope to upgrade in the future, too. Nokia Flexi RAS features a ten-port antenna. Two of the radios are fully integrated, leaving space for three more. Even better, the unit’s modular architecture allows field maintenance and field upgrade of the radio heads without having to disturb the antenna or take the unit to the factory like most of the variants from other suppliers.

Additional benefits include higher reliability than previous radio generations, passively cooled radios that reduce the need for power for cooling, instantaneous bandwidth up to 65 MHz, and an ultra-wide band antenna covering more than 25 different 3GPP bands.

So why not join the Nokia Flexi RAS scheme today? It’s no fad diet, but rather a long-term way to get your sites into great shape and shave off the pounds (euros, dollars, yen etc).

Would you like a Nokia “personal trainer” to get your base stations in shape? Contact your local Nokia Networks representative and read more about Nokia Flexi RAS here.

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Sukhpreet Sandhu

About Sukhpreet Sandhu

Sukhpreet is a marketing manager at Nokia and a self-described “original in a world of copies”. This is why she’s the perfect caretaker of our unique AirScale Base Station (from our AirScale Radio Access solution family) as well as our Flexi 10 BTS family. Tweet her at @suSandhu.

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