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Satisfying the need for network speed

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Nokia team celebrates recent GTI award win for TD-LTE Tower Solution at MWC 2016

Recent analyst reports pinpoint Nokia as the number one TD-LTE vendor. Could speedy network records be one reason why?

Capturing speed records matters. Whether on land, water or in the air, gaining world records for the being the fastest wins media attention and demonstrates a team’s technological prowess.

This is also true with mobile broadband networks. Vendors and operators constantly push the boundaries of network technology to demonstrate they have achieved faster throughputs than ever before.

Many in the industry believe these network speed records are irrelevant because they are unlikely to be achieved in the real world for many years. Yet there is no denying that marketing speedy network technology is an important way for helping operators impress their customers.

Being number one gets you noticed

Nokia’s contribution to the speed arena has now been enhanced with Alcatel-Lucent joining Nokia, bringing its renowned Bell Labs R&D record in TD-LTE. In fact, Nokia is now the combined market leader in TD-LTE, according to two consecutive reports - the Dell'Oro Q3 and Q4 reports, 2015. We have supplied 82 TD-LTE networks in 28 countries.

Here are a few winning examples :

The lesson is clear - subscribers are fascinated and influenced by speed records. And with 18 years of TDD experience, Nokia continues to be first to the mark in leading industry records.

Watch this video to see Nokia TD-LTE 3D-Beamforming in action.

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Ashish K. Dayama

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As senior marketing manager, Ashish is responsible for Nokia’s global CBRS, MulteFire, TD-LTE and LTE product marketing, strategy, and content development. Prior to joining Nokia, he held several management positions at Motorola and Alcatel-Lucent. He holds an MBA from University of Chicago, MS in Computer Science from WIU and a Bachelor’s in Electrical from Karnataka University.

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