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Take time out to rethink the role of your Network Management System

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Timing plays a key role when it comes to implementing network management solutions (NMS) according to a recent Nokia customer survey. When transitioning to the cloud, it’s not only a question of new solutions, technologies, and applications. Our study flagged up the importance of choosing exactly when and for how long the required change of processes, resources and applications should take. Creating the business case and a strategy to fully benefit from virtualized solutions for network management simply cannot happen over night.

From comfort zone to advanced analytics

But how do you break away from the comfort zone, away from the familiar tools, processes and ways of managing your network that served your business through the last 4 generations? With the adoption of 5G comes a whole new set of tools, tricks and processes to learn. Network operations data will be one of the most critical assets in 5G networks. With access to far more advanced data sets than before, there will be opportunity to optimize networks in terms of cost, maintenance, planning and quality. With the right information and operations, you will also be able to serve 5G data hungry customers in an optimal way. 

Something old, something new…

As the clock turns, your familiar network management systems will still remain relevant, but fine tuning will be important to support both the old and the new. 5G supports multiple business models and there are vertical operators who will be dedicated for different application areas. These require different capability from the networks – dedicated slices provide the needed capacity and coverage to make the vertical business successful. (For example, you may need to optimize 2G and 3G networks for things like wide area IoT services or network slicing). Likewise, end-to-end management solutions are needed both for network service providers and vertical service providers.


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