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Our top 10 blogs of 2017 might surprise you

In case you missed them the first time around, here are the most popular Nokia blogs from 2017. Consider it a handy summary of the industry topics with the biggest impact as we kick off the New Year.

We opted for the typical measure of popularity based on how many times a post has been viewed. And apparently, “Content really is King” as the saying goes as our most popular blog was Brian Stevenson’s: I want my CDN on Sky UK being the first of a long line of savvy broadcasters who will deploy their own Content Delivery Network. Hopefully this means it won’t be long before we can all have an outstanding experience on our various new devices. (And further proof that we all want to hear about and learn from great quality of experience stories!)

The more obvious topics populating the headlines were 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), and the rise of Small Cells in securing needed network coverage and capacity. Again, customer proof points resonate loud and clear as this blog carried over with the remarkable reach and staying power from the previous year: Nokia & KT plan 2017 launch of world’s first mobile 5G network.

As managing editor, I was particularly pleased to see such an impressive number of readers react to Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa’s important call to action in his blog on why organizations have a responsibility to study AI and Machine Learning. Sure there’s a lot of lip service being paid to the topic in general, but there’s also a wide knowledge gap. In his bid to narrow this gap, Risto makes it easy by sharing his key insights and a reminder that as a fundamental new technology, machine learning can create immense value to humankind, but also challenge society.

Here are our most popular blogs of 2017

  1. I want my CDN by Brian Stevenson
  2. Why you should study AI and Machine Learning and how I did it by Risto Siilasmaa
  3. Getting real – adrenaline-pumping real – with Virtual Reality by Leslie Shannon
  4. A connected world liberated by technology: impressions from Davos by Rajeev Suri
  5. Small cells bring IoT in from the cold by Stephane Daeuble
  6. Nokia at CES 2017 shows how 5G will unlock new ways to communicate by Jason Elliott
  7. Here’s to life on the edge as enterprise IT infrastructure gets redefined by Thorsten Robrecht
  8. Licensed or unlicensed spectrum for cellular IoT? That is the question by Adolfo Masini
  9. Changing the world in milliseconds by Volker Held
  10. A new era for fixed broadband: Intelligent access by Stefaan Vanhastel

On behalf of our Nokia’s bloggers, I thank you for your continued interest and look forward to welcoming you to a refreshed, soon to be launched One Nokia Blog site that will bring the best of our blogging experts together on one platform.

Any topics you want to read more about? Please share your thoughts below.

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