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Try Smart LTE Layering for seamless user experience

This blog is by Anna-Kaarina Pietilä at Nokia Solutions and Networks.Twitter: @AnnaPietil

Oh, the sheer joy of using a super-fast mobile broadband connection! Whether you’ve already rolled out LTE or are planning to do so, you can expect your customers to love using the new speed of mobile broadband. Balancing the load between HSPA and LTE is an effective way to improve the user experience by ensuring customers can always enjoy the fastest data connection, while also preventing HSPA congestion. Subscribers might even look for an LTE icon on their mobile device screen telling them they are getting the fastest data connection. Its appearance can even raise a smile on their faces.girl

And that’s the aim of Smart LTE Layering, one of NSN’s latest HSPA software features.

Shift active devices onto LTE - swiftly

Smart LTE Layering can redirect active mobile devices from HSPA to LTE much faster than basic cell reselection. Install this simple software upgrade and you’ll be able to redirect a mobile device from HSPA straight onto LTE in active mode, at a trigger point of your choosing, such as when its connection state changes or when a circuit-switched call is released.

Your customers will be happier because they get a fast data connection more often and for longer - and you will benefit from uncongested HSPA.

Shift voice calls between HSPA and LTE - seamlessly

Single Radio Voice Call Continuity (SRVCC) offers a seamless voice call experience: subscribers can continue their conversation without interruption, even when they move out of LTE coverage during an LTE VoIP call, and not even notice the handover to HSPA.

With these features, you can make the most of your HSPA and LTE networks and improve your customer's experience.

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Anna-Kaarina Pietilä

About Anna-Kaarina Pietilä

Anna-Kaarina Pietilä is responsible for AirScale and AirScale Cloud RAN at Nokia. She enjoys writing blogs about these solutions and about innovative, high-quality software which improve smartphone experience and network capacity. She holds an MA from Åbo Akademi University and University of Turku and is based in Finland.

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