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Do you know where I am? Now can you help me?

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When I call my mobile operator’s Customer Care help desk, I have certain expectations. I expect that they will know something about me already as I’ve been with them for quite some time. I expect they will have some idea of why I’m having a problem and I expect they will have a solution available --  if not now, then at least in the near future.

What does surprise me is what they don’t know.  Namely, the location from which I’m calling or at the very least the location where my issue occurred. That lack of information creates a potentially big gap that could help with troubleshooting efforts on the operator’s side.  For all they know, my issue could be happening in an area experiencing network issues that have nothing to do with the device in my hand.

With the vast, high-tech infrastructure behind them, shouldn’t the person I’m talking to have some idea of what I’m experiencing as soon as I call?  Of course, it’s not that easy.  The more complex the network, the more complex it is to follow the trail of a problem that orginates from multiple places.

To help operators address these challenges we are introducing Nokia Traffica GEO, a new addition to our Analytics portfolio. Traffica GEO integrates with Customer Care systems, allowing customer service agents to see down to a very granular street level view where the subscriber is located and what’s happening in that area. This includes a view to things such as coverage gaps, interfering cells causing dropped calls, number of subscribers impacted, and many technical details that are useful for the planning and optimization teams to pinpoint and resolve issues.

Having this information in real-time is one of the keys to a robust Customer Care solution, and being able to see an end-to-end visualization speeds up the troubleshooting process, saving OPEX as well. One operator told us that 60% of their Care tickets were unsolved because they didn’t know if the issues were related to radio or to core. Traffica GEO provides information about issues like overlapping cells causing poor call quality and details of call flows and messages between handsets and the network. With this granular level information about the last mile of their radio issues, operators are able to correctly categorize Care tickets and solve issues much more quickly with fewer callbacks from subscribers checking on ticket status.

Customer confidence can be won or lost on how these types of issues are addressed on that first call. Traffica GEO is truly a key element to have in your Customer Care, or at least I know I want my operator to have it so they can see where my issue is, explain what’s wrong and solve the problem quickly.

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Shelley Schlueter

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