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SReXperts exhibition

September 11-13

SReXperts 23 Americas

11 Sep 2023


US, LA, New Orleans, Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel

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Agile configuration management with SR OS

Increase your network’s agility and ability to handle unexpected events autonomously. Discover a new way of managing your network device configuration with full version control, audit capabilities and templating. We’ll show you potential solutions side by side, focusing on SR OS configurations that leverage pySROS capabilities as well as Nokia NSP automation.

Analytics and machine learning

Discover NSP’s new reporting capabilities for model-mode and multi-vendor devices. We’ll show you how to create custom KPIs and thresholding to trigger event-driven automation, and how to use machine learning for baselining, anomaly detection, outlier detection and predictions.

ANYsec quantum-safe transport

See how our FP5 silicon can protect your network from quantum computer attacks with ANYsec MPLS encryption based on IEEE 802.1AE. We’ll show you how you can use AES 256 encryption at line rate across your network to secure 5G applications with practically no additional latency.

Build custom network apps on SR Linux routers

Learn how easy it is to onboard your own applications using the native NetOps Development Kit on SR Linux. Its modular architecture gives you full control and visibility of the networking operating system components. Whether you need to implement specific monitoring agents or extend OS functionality, SR Linux provides you with the flexibility of an open-source NOS and the quality and support that you expect from SR OS.

Cloud Network Deployment Orchestration service

Discover a more secure way to deploy new devices into your network. Find out how you can simplify large, complex network rollouts that require significant coordination between network architecture, operations and field services teams. See a live demo of this automated process as it acquires an IP address, secures the connection, downloads and then executes the configuration files to get your new network up and running safely and accurately. Decide which user interface: CLI, GUI or integration into existing workflow engines, will best fit your needs.

Coherent routing

Join us to learn how the NSP can help you unify IP/optical management and operationalization for coherent routing solutions, including 400ZR and transponder wavelengths. We’ll show you how NSP can manage router interconnect with 400ZR and transponder wavelengths over a ROADM line system.

Configuration with operational assurance

Discover how NSP assurance can help you tackle configuration drift across physical and logical objects in classic and model-driven SR OS networks. See new dashboards and unified OAM and statistics collection and reporting applications. And learn how new NSP intent-based service fulfillment gives you greater control over service lifecycles.

Containerlab: A DevOps approach to network labs

Containerlab is an open-source tool that lets you use DevOps practices to build versatile networking lab topologies. Join us to learn about the tool and discover Nokia labs that showcase different technologies and designs.

Customizing network operations through LRA and Digital Twin

Simplify network automation by using a digital replica of a laboratory and/or production network configuration. Customized reporting targeted towards a customer-specific business outcome can be formulated by usin insights from WaveSuite Netowork Operation Center within the Digital Twin. The demo will expose how this environment can drastically reduce the cost of validation while automating the insights needed for business decisions.

Deepfield Defender: Automated DDoS protection

Want to experience the future of DDoS defense? Join us to see how Deepfield Defender – using big data and AI/ML - detects the latest DDoS attacks (like botnet DDoS) and drives agile mitigation using Nokia FP4/FP5 silicon to block *all* DDoS traffic with unprecedented precision and efficiency. We’ll show you how to protect your network and customers in real-time. DDoS attacks, beware!

Deepfield: Network, service and subscriber insights

See how our cutting-edge IP network analytics technology can give you deep, multi-dimensional insights into your network traffic, OTT services and subscriber-level details. We’ll reveal hidden layers and deliver valuable information that will empower you to unlock the true potential of your IP network.

Enabling Quantum-Safe Networks

The Nokia Quantum-Safe Network (QSN) solution is demonstrated by integrating the Nokia SMS with a Multiparty QKD infrastructure. The Nokia SMS is orchestrating and enforcing the organization's cryptographic key management policies in an automated fashion while honoring the crypto-periods of numerous security associations.

Enhanced NetOps for data center networks

See how SR Linux and the Fabric Services System deliver enhanced data center NetOps using a CI/CD approach. We’ll show you two scenarios: one with SR Linux only and the other with SR Linux and the Fabric Services System. In the first case, we’ll use Ansible to perform per-box configuration management. In the second, the Fabric Services System acts as the single infrastructure endpoint.

Fiber plant loss detection and analysis using WaveSuite Network Operation Center and Advanced Diagnostics

WaveSuite has introduced new OTDR advanced capabilities for simplifying fiber plant troubeshooting. WaveSuite Network Operations Center automatically creates a network fiber fingerprint and uses Advanced Diagnostics to classify such fiber events. The demo will use the OTDR fiber scans and WaveSuite's built-in intellgence to then classify, notify and report each event along the span and its location to the transport operators.

Fiber sensing and automation in action

In this interactive demo, a model train will simulate real-world sensing scenarios of fiber disturbances (e.g., a passing train, a falling aerial fiber pillar, and construction work). The real-time polarization sensing and data visualization extracted from Nokia's coherent transponder (PSE-6s), combined with event detection and classification (using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms in WaveSuite Health and Analytics) will enable an automated response intended to optimize network uptime and decrease monitoring costs.

High-performance data center networking

See how you can future-proof your data center networks with state-of-the-art platforms incorporating unique innovations in both software and hardware. These next-generation data center platforms are designed to deliver massive scale, reliability and investment protection for diverse roles including data center leaf, spine, super spine and management TOR.

Intent-based multi-domain networking

Come and see the building blocks of an intent-aware, multi-domain network with SR-MPLS and SRv6, using FlexAlgo.


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Learning and certification

Stop by this demo to learn about our latest IP learning and certifications, meet with our experts, see our new NSP and Data Center Fabric remote learning labs, and try our virtual and augmented reality 7250 IXR-e training. You'll get access to exclusive offers such as self-study certification bundles and learning lab time.

Learning your optical network, optimizing your optical network

Learn how state-of-the-art automation available through Nokia professional services can help you secure the deployment and operations of your network. We’ll show you how to use network test automation (NTA), Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS), virtual network replication (digital twin) and automated verification (CNV) to support comprehensive life cycle management and make network engineering more effective.

Nokia Network-In-A-Box. Community broadband, simplified

Fixed Networks, part of Nokia Network Infrastructure, focuses on the evolution of last mile broadband fiber offerings, not only for PON and P2P in access but also in the quest for providing differentiated offerings for Gigabit in home experience.

Optical networks optimization for margin recovery and capacity boosting

OSNR margin decreases as a network matures or after scheduled maintenance activites. Network optimization can assist with recovering this lost margin, enhance the performance of the network, and extend its lifespan. Using customized workflows to connect mulitple WaveSuite applications such as Optimizer, Network Operation Center, Health & Analytics, and Resource Controller, a closed-loop operation can be react to the margin reduction and recover from it. WavePrime professional services will demonstrate its expertise in automation using closed-loop process operations with information from WaveSuite Optimizer and trending data sourced from WaveSuite Health and Analytics for the service operator's optical network infrastructure, adapting it to include notification to their business processes, and restoring link margin to regain lost performance. With some returning of the closed loop operation workflow, Nokia services expertise can also use WaveSuite Optimizer to review excessive margins in the links of the optical network and use it to augment capacity and to service the network operator's business intent.

Optical subsystems leadership through vertical integration

Discover how Nokia optical subsystems provide leading electro-optics solutions to the industry, including both coherent optical subassembly (COSA) components, and integrated pluggable digital coherent optics (DCO) transceiver modules. Nokia's COSA modules are used in third-party pluggable DCOs, and power a range of 200G and 400G DCOs in QSFP-DD and CFP2 form factors.

PSE-6s: new frontiers in scale and sustainability

Discover the industry’s most advanced super-coherent optical engine for high-performance optical networking: Nokia's Photonic Service Engine PSE-6s. Learn key features and benefits based on scale, performance and sustainability. Both 1.2Tbit/s and 800Gbit/s performance will be demonstrated.

Router-pluggable line system

See how you can save space, power, and reduce cost by using our new router-pluggable QSFP line system to deliver coherent optical transport for up to eight 400G wavelengths over a single fiber.

Securing network engineering through automation

Learn how state-of-the-art automation available through Nokia professional services can help you secure the deployment and operations of your network. We’ll show you how to use network test automation (NTA), Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS), virtual network replication (digital twin) and automated verification (CNV) to support comprehensive life cycle management and make network engineering more effective.

Simplifying network operations and planning using WaveSuite Planner

The WaveSuite Planner application incorporates not only network planning capabilities but also mirrors the service operator's optical network using APIs that feed into the network management application. Uploading the production network and visualizing the planned network will be shown, replacing the legacy Engineering Planning Tool.

Solutions for industries and governments

Learn about our specialized capabilities for critical industries and government agencies. Explore our showcase of compact, highly ruggedized hardware platforms that meet the stringent specifications of diverse industrial environments.

Teleprotection over segment routing

Concerned about the reliability of using a segment routed network for the teleprotection systems in your electrical grid? See how to do it with the high availability you require.

The augmented reality of NSP

Experience NSP with augmented reality to see how quickly and easily you can detect and correct network deviations.

Transport slicing: IP/MPLS control and optimization

Discover how NSP can help you manage transport slices for 5G slicing. You’ll see how the creation of a transport slice results in the creation of PCE-controlled LSPs. We’ll also show you how the NSP PCE manages LSPs to meet the service-level objectives of each slice under varying network conditions, including congestion and latency changes.

User Experience Corner

Your experiences with our software matter - visit our user experience corner to share your product journey and give us your feedback. Together we can help ensure our products meet your needs.

User Information made easy: Enriching the user experience

These demos will show how we’ve made it easier to access information for IP and Optical Networks (ON) products. We have been working on new and innovative ways to help you find the information you need. Visit our booth to see our new "Release Notes Navigator" tool for the 7750 SR, try our user-friendly NSP web format, and watch our ON feature videos.

Ways to save with automation

Learn how NSP can help you reduce delivery time and costs by automating complex day-to-day network and service discovery, service fulfillment and network lifecycle management operations. You will also see how automation brings value to large-scale operations, including backup and restore, pre- and post-check, and multi-phase operations.

Wireline and Fixed-Wireless Multi-Access Gateway

Discover how you can deliver a seamless broadband experience everywhere by efficiently scaling wireline and fixed–wireless broadband services with our Multi-Access Gateway. We’ll demonstrate how Control and User Plane separation (CUPS) can be used to support a mix of different sessions (e.g,. PPPoE, IPoE, NAT, 4G, 5G NSA and 5G SA).





Crypto4A Technologies Inc. is a Canadian cybersecurity technology company providing industry leading, fifth-generation quantum-safe crypto-agile Hardware Security Modules (HSM), Hardware Security Platforms (HSP), and PQC Migration Solutions. Its products and solutions provide processing capabilities for classic and quantum-safe cryptography that is built in —not bolted on. Crypto4A enables the cryptographic agility, mobility, and scalability demanded by enterprises and government agencies to secure their digital assets and infrastructure while adapting to changing markets, standards, and requirements.


evolutionQ was co-founded by leading cryptography experts, Dr. Michele Mosca, Dr. Norbert Lütkenhaus, and Dr. David Jao. With offices in Waterloo, Canada, and Aachen, Germany, evolutionQ delivers robust software that is revolutionizing the field of quantum-safe cryptography. Their flagship software, BasejumpQDN™ enables simple and scalable multi-vendor deployments of quantum-safe QKD networks, with plug & play agility to navigate the changing threat landscape. For more information about evolutionQ, the Basejump family of products, and to view career opportunities, please visit:


ID Quantique is a global company with offices and engineering labs located around the world. Continuous passion, a strong focus on innovation and the flexibility and experience of a dedicated team have allowed IDQ to establish itself as a leader in the fields of quantum-safe cryptography, scientific instrumentation and random number generation. IDQ is dedicated to remaining the global leader in Quantum Sensing & Quantum Cryptography solutions. Its products are used by governments, enterprises, and industrial customers and by academic research labs in more than 60 countries and on every continent.


At Keysight (NYSE: KEYS), we inspire and empower innovators to bring world-changing technologies to life. As an S&P 500 company, we're delivering market-leading design, emulation, and test solutions to help engineers develop and deploy faster, with less risk, throughout the entire product lifecycle. We're a global innovation partner enabling customers in communications, industrial automation, aerospace and defense, automotive, semiconductor, and general electronics markets to accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Learn more at Keysight Newsroom and

Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks is the world's cybersecurity leader. We innovate to outpace cyberthreats, so organizations can embrace technology with confidence. We provide next-gen cybersecurity to thousands of customers globally, across all sectors. Our best-in-class cybersecurity platforms and services are backed by industry-leading threat intelligence and strengthened by state-of-the-art automation. Whether deploying our products to enable the Zero Trust Enterprise, responding to a security incident, or partnering to deliver better security outcomes through a world-class partner ecosystem, we're committed to helping ensure each day is safer than the one before. It's what makes us the cybersecurity partner of choice. At Palo Alto Networks, we're committed to bringing together the very best people in service of our mission, so we're also proud to be the cybersecurity workplace of choice, recognized among Newsweek's Most Loved Workplaces (2021 and 2022), Comparably Best Companies for Diversity (2021), and HRC Best Places for LGBTQ Equality (2022). For more information, visit

Red Hat

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies. Red Hat helps customers integrate new and existing IT applications, develop cloud-native applications, standardize on our industry-leading operating system, and automate, secure, and manage complex environments. Award-winning support, training, and consulting services make Red Hat a trusted adviser to the Fortune 500. As a strategic partner to cloud providers, system integrators, application vendors, customers, and open source communities, Red Hat can help organizations prepare for the digital future.


Spirent Communications is the leading global provider of automated test and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity, and positioning. We provide products, services and managed solutions that help communications service providers, network vendors, device makers and enterprises accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Our innovative products, services and managed solutions address the test, assurance and automation challenges of a new generation of technologies, including 5G, SD-WAN, cloud, autonomous vehicles and beyond. We help accelerate technology development in the lab, ensure new products perform in the real world, and automate labs and networks to be more efficient and secure. For further information, please visit


VeEX Inc., a customer-oriented communications test and measurement company, develops innovative test and monitoring solutions for next generation telecommunication networks and services. With a blend of advanced technologies and vast technical expertise, VeEX products address all stages of network deployment, maintenance, field service turn-up, and integrate service verification features across copper, fiber optics, CATV/DOCSIS, mobile 4G/5G backhaul and fronthaul, next generation transport network, Fibre Channel, carrier & metro Ethernet technologies, WLAN, and synchronization. Learn more at


VIAVI (NASDAQ: VIAV) is a global provider of network test, monitoring and assurance solutions for communications service providers, hyperscalers, equipment manufacturers, enterprises, government and avionics. VIAVI is also a leader in light management technologies for 3D sensing, anti-counterfeiting, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, government and aerospace applications. Together with our customers and partners we are United in Possibility, finding innovative ways to solve real-world problems. Learn more about VIAVI at Follow us on VIAVI Perspectives, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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September 13
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