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Wavelengths 2023 exhibition

May 23-24


Wavelengths 2023 APAC

22 May 2023


SG, Shangri-La Singapore

Join us in the exhibition starting Monday, May 22 at 18:00, and get a first glimpse at the following demonstrations prepared for you:

Group Name

Demo Name


5G packet fronthaul and synchronization

5G Packet Fronthaul

Learn about Time Sensitive Network (TSN) packet fronthaul product and how it helps making your 5G RAN network evolution ready

Synchronization for 5G

Learn about Nokia synchronizaion distirbution in optical transport network with best-in -class performance, speak with sync expert to know about how to design a synchronous network with your optical transport asset to make it ready for 5G and next generation mobile network

Optical solutions for business services

Delivering scalable and application-optimized OTN connectivity to the edge

Learn about 1830 ONE, a series of application-optimized compact OTN/DWDM products
- Migrating your legacy SDH /PDH network to OTN based network
- Deliver scalable OTN connectivity to your edge network

Delivering enterprise and private services with optical solutions

Learn about Nokia enterprise and private optical solution

Quantum-Safe transport networks

Speak with expert about how to define Quantum-Safe Transport Network with Nokia Optical solution

Enabling new frontiers in scale

PSE6s and optical subsystems

Learn about PSE-6s, new frontier of sustainable super coherent DSPs and PSE powered Coherent Plugable solutions

Artifactial intellgent & Machine Learning powered Fibre sensing-enabled network automation

Showing Nokia Optical transponders 's capability of measuring SOP,streaming SOP data in real-time to any location , and event classification can be done using SOP data. Speak with our Bell lab Expert about Sensing-enabled network automation.

High-performance , scalable optical networks and data center interconnect solutions

Learn about Nokia High-performance , scalable and efficient transport solution
- From data center interconnect to high-capacity core switching and from cost-effective low-speed optics to industry-leading high-performance optics.
- Flexible multi-layer grooming solutions maximize network efficiency
- Packet optical network solutions facilitate new and differentiated revenue-generating services.

Determinstic and application-optimized Packet Optical Solutions

Scalable and efficient OTN switching solutions

Subsea transport solutions

Learn about Nokia's a full range of leading market submarine-optimized platforms and SLTE solutions Subsea-terrestrial network integration

Enabling digital transformation through automation

Learn about Nokia WaveSuite applications and automation:

Advanced network diagnostics

- WaveSuite Network Operations Center
- WaveSuite Advanced Diagnostics

Network slicing and network optimization

- WaveSuite Service Enablement
- WaveSuite Optimizer

IP and optical network automation

- WaveSuite Resource Controller

Energy efficiency for sustainable operations

- WavePrime Digital Process Automation
- WavePrime Live Reporting Application
- WaveSuite Health and Analytics

Unlocking your network’s full potential

- WavePrime Digital Process Automation
- WaveSuite Optimizer
- WaveSuite Health and Analytics

Efficiency in action: A demontration of automation tools

- Digital Twin
- WavePrime Live Reporting Application

Nokia optical network E2E solutions

Building Networks leveraging the full Nokia Optical portfolio

Building Networks leveraging the full Nokia Optical portfolio

Learn, certify, and grow with the Optical Network Certification (ONC) program. Access exclusive attendee-only learning offers, speak with an SME to design your learning and certification plan, and see a demo of our “My Nokia Optical Lab” remote lab service.

Exhibition hours are as follows:



May 22


(Welcome reception)


May 23






May 24




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