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Wavelengths 2023 exhibition

April 25-27


Wavelengths 2023 EMEA-LAT

25 Apr 2023

08:00 CEDT/CES

AT, Vienna, Hilton Vienna Park Hotel

Join us in the exhibition starting Tuesday, April 25 at 9:00, and get a first glimpse at the following demonstrations prepared for you:

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Demo Name


Critical Networks for essential services

5G transport solutions for CSPs and neutral hosts

The evolution of mobile access requires deep fiberization up to the RAN antenna sites to match the high bandwidth demand. Transport networks must provide access connectivity to centralized locations of mobile baseband units. New, specifically designed Time-Sensitive Network (TSN) solutions based on Nokia's 1830 TPS allow for the optimimal use of fibre and bandwidth assets in this network segment, while simultaneously adhering to the most stringent requirements (Latency and Synchronisation) set by 5G mobile RAN.

Network-wide synchronization operations management

Nokia's packet optical transport systems such as the 1830 PSS and 1830 TPS fully implement and go beyond SyncE and PTP standards by providing enhanced synchronization layer management, monitoring and supervision capabilities. In addition, these systems enable powerful network-layer synchronization management through WaveSuite's Synchronizer application. These powerful tools are important in achieving superior synchronization performance and visibility of the network. Nokia will showcase leadership in synchronization OAM by demonstrating strong fault and performance management capabilities in its solutions.

Measure your performance. Reliable metro packet optical networks.

Nokia's Layer 2 transport solution is based on scalable packet-optimized WDM, that cost effectively delivers MEF Carrier Ethernet services over OTN. Nokia will demonstrate the Hub & Spoke EVPL service based on its 1830 PSS Carrier Ethernet solution, and showcase important features of the MEF 3.0 Carrier Ethernet Service lifecycle management including: ITU-T Y.1731 ETH-LM feature with focus on management, and EVC Loopback. Nokia will also introduce the TSN 1830 TPS platform interworking with 1830 PSS in an Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP) configuration.

Optical security for both privacy and integrity

Nokia's Secure Optical Transport solution employs physical layer quantum-safe encryption in combination with centralized, symmetric key management. At the heart of the solution is the Nokia 1830 Security Management Server (SMS), a central key generation server that supports encryption engines in Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) and Nokia 1830 Photonic Service Interconnect (PSI) platforms. Together, the solution offers high-capacity, encrypted optical DWDM connectivity and optical intrusion detection.

DCI solutions

Optimized data center interconnect solutions

Several DCI solutions enabled by Nokia's optical portfolio will be showcased, addressing broad and varied requirements from small to hyperscale networks, suitable for metro, regional, long-haul and ultra long-haul applications. This year's latest innovations will be showcased including the PSI-M module powered by PSE-6s.

From CPE to 48T OTN and photonic network scaling

OTN switched services from CPE to core

Nokia OTN switching solutions will be showcased from Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) to the largest core 48T OTN switch for end-to-end OTN switched services. Learn more about the full 1830 PSS-x OTN switch family as well as the 1830 Photonic Service Demarcation (PSD) device and the 1830 Optical Network Extender (ONE).

High-performance and scalable optical networks

Learn about Nokia photonic solutions for scalable optical networks for delivering high performance services based on the PSE-V chipset. Discover the various family members (1830 PSS, 1830 PSI-L), the versatile, supported ROADM architectures (C-F, CDC-F) and their building blocks (iROADMs), protection schemes (OPSA, OPSUM), and the modular C+L coherent transport solutions.

Delivering OTN services to the edge

The 1830 Optical Network Extender (ONE) portfolio of WDM/OTN metro access solutions enable your network to support greater capacity with more agile connections and capabilities:

  • MicroROADM for ease of remote provisioning
  • MicroOTN for Sub10G and 10G service delivery
  • Synchronization distribution for assured service adherence
  • Legacy TDM network transformation enabling lower TCO
  • Vertical applications such as teleprotection (IEEE c37.94) for power grid.

IP/optical transport

Beyond 400G IP-optical transport using ROADM-enabled networks

This demonstration showcases the end-to-end coordinated IP/Optical cross-domain service management beyond 400G on ROADM-based networks:

  • Maximizing the Optical link performance
  • Enabling Optical planning in all SRG types
  • Supporting an end-to-end IP/Optical automation framework
  • Reducing human errors at fiber interconnects

Learning and certification

Learning and certification

Learn, certify, and grow with the Optical Network Certification (ONC) program. Access exclusive attendee-only learning offers, speak with an SME to design your learning and certification plan, and see a demo of our “My Nokia Optical Lab” remote lab service.

Quantum Safe Networks

Multi domain quantum-enabled key orchestration

In order to protect against cyberattack in the quantum computing era, new methods of encryption are unfolding, driving the availability of Quantum-Safe Networks (QSN). Learn how Quantum-Safe Networks blend advanced encryption key distribution methodologies in order to secure the most sensitive in-flight information. Nokia and Quantum Delivery Network (QDN) partners develop a multi-domain, quantum-enabled key orchestration architecture.

Subsea solutions

Subsea-terrestrial network integration

Nokia will showcase its terrestrial and subsea Optical systems integration in a repeatered solution, in addition to its network management.

Unrepeatered subsea system with remotely optically pumped amplifier

Learn about the Remotely Optically Pumped Amplifier (ROPA) working principles, and discover how ROPA positioning impacts the performance and system parameters of an unrepeatered link (based on 1830 LX platform). The ROPA performance will be estimated using Machine Learning.


Nokia PSE-6s scale and sustainability

Discover the industry’s most advanced super-coherent optical engine for high-performance optical networking: Nokia's Photonic Service Engine PSE-6s. Learn key technical features and the benefits centered on scale, performance and sustainability. Both 1.2Tbit/s and 800Gbit/s performance will be demonstrated.

PSE-6s and WaveSuite health & analytics powered fiber sensing in action

In this interactive demo, a model train will simulate real-world sensing scenarios of fiber disturbances (for example, a passing train, a falling aerial fiber pillar, and construction work). The real-time polarization sensing and data visualization (extracted from Nokia's coherent transponder (PSE-6s) combined with event detection and classification (using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms in WaveSuite Health and Analytics) will enable an automated response intended to optimize network uptime and decrease monitoring costs.

Optical subsystems leadership through vertical integration

Discover how Nokia optical subsystems provide leading electro-optics solutions to the industry, including both coherent optical subassembly (COSA) components, and integrated pluggable digital coherent optics (DCO) transceiver modules. Nokia's COSA modules are used in third-party pluggable DCOs, and power a range of 200G and 400G DCOs in QSFP-DD and CFP2 form factors.

WaveSuite applications and automation

WaveSuite Network Operations Center reporting applications

Learn about the reporting capabilities of Nokia's Optical network management system, known as the WaveSuite Network Operations Center featuring:

  • Filtered views of data enbling concentration on problems, and bottlenecks in the network using dashboards and reports
  • Reorganization and filtering of information spread across many views
  • Basic relational analysis of different objects
  • Email notifications
  • Reporting – via csv format export (all network data, historical logs, filters output)

WaveSuite Network Operations Center OTDR advanced diagnostics

Nokia will showcase the WaveSuite NOC Advanced Diagnostics application which embeds a native OTDR viewer for OTDR curve plotting and fiber event identification. The application provides an auto-extraction of loss events from the scan file, and a table reporting fiber characteristics and OTDR parameters (date, pulse width etc.).

Calendared bandwidth on demand

The WaveSuite Service Enablement application enables the execution of an automated L1 service order orchestration, fulfillment and assurance from an end-subscriber (tenant) to the network operator within a specified period of time. A display of the calendared service-intent with resource reservation is also demonstrated.

Automated network provisioning

Learn about upcoming synchronization between Nokia's planning tool (WaveSuite Planner) and the network management system (WaveSuite NOC). Two examples will be showcased: (1) the uploading of network topology and connections derived from WaveSuite NOC and uploaded into WaveSuite Planner with the push of a button; and (2) flow-through provisioning, where connection information is entered once in WaveSuite Planner, and the capacity is automatically turned up.

Closed loop optimization

End of Life (EoL) margin decreases as a network matures requiring optimization to recover the lost margin and to preempt future failures.
Nokia can help customers automate the optimization process using information pertaining to customer’s infrastructure, business processes and specific requirements by leveraging customized automation workflows.

Power consumption optimization

Networks are often over provisioned in anticipation for future services demands. This over provisioning has an impact on the network power consumption footprint and the overall cost per bit. Nokia can help customers manage the full process to ensure proper power consumption in line with actual utilization.

User Information

Chatbot, videos, and more. Enriching the user experience.

This demonstration will show how easy it is to extract user information from Nokia Optical Networks products, either directly from the WaveSuite NOC or by way of the Nokia Documentation Center. Current and new, innovative means to access user information, such as HTML topics, video tutorials, context-sensitive help, screen tours, and our chatbot prototype will be demonstrated.

Exhibition hours are as follows:

Tuesday, April 25­ 9:00-20:00­ (18:00-20:00 welcome reception)

Wednesday, April 26­ 10:25-18:30

Thursday, April 27­ 9:00-14:00


Join us on Tuesday, April 25 for one of our overview presentations hosted by Kevin Drury. These presentations are designed to give you an overview of the demonstrations prepared for you in our exhibition area. Join us at the following times at the entrance of the exhibition area:




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April 25-27
Hilton Vienna Park Hotel 
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