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Packet Optical Networking and Microwave Packet Radio for Aviation

Introduce new applications and services, while reducing total cost of operations


Nokia can help you use agile optical networking to enhance application performance, reduce operating costs, and maintain safety and security. We can also help you take advantage of microwave packet radio to provide wireless backhaul networking.

Our solution lets you add a WDM transport layer to optimize bandwidth-hungry applications. It gives you agile and modern optical networking that supports all your airport-related communications.

WDM eases your transition to a converged IP/MPLS infrastructure. Our WDM optical networks support a hybrid SDH–IP/MPLS communications platform that lets you migrate subsystems individually. There’s no need to rip and replace legacy networks or applications. We help you make a smooth migration.

Our microwave packet radio solution provides wireless backhauling functions for high-bandwidth transmission networks such as your airport communications infrastructure. Combining low risk and high availability, it supports mission-critical requirements and IP transformation. You can deploy the solution as part of a comprehensive approach that spans fixed and wireless networking.

Benefits and features

Ability to run multiple high-bandwidth services on the same optical network

  • Boost network capacity and performance to support high-bandwidth applications such as networked closed-circuit television (CCTV) and data center interconnect
  • Support the low-latency requirements of mission-critical communications applications

Native integration of microwave packet radio solution with IP/MPLS routers

  • Simplify network operations by seamlessly integrating the different pieces of the communications network Reduce total cost of ownership

Cyber attack protection and L1 encryption

  • Keep critical applications safe from hackers and malware

Unified management platform

  • Streamline operations by controlling all communications-related applications using a single platform

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