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Government broadband plans

Connect every citizen with ultra-broadband

Help your citizens compete in a hyper-connected global economy. Develop a national or rural broadband plan that gives them access to vital gigabit internet and digital services.

We can help you build a universal, affordable and sustainable ultra-broadband infrastructure that bridges the digital divide and creates a foundation for greater competitiveness. This infrastructure will bring broad social and economic benefits to your country or community. It will create opportunities for your people to unleash their skills by enriching the way they innovate, do business and share knowledge.


How can Nokia help you?

  • We can help build the consortiums
  • Find the solutions
  • Address financing


Connecting Kenosha to a Brigher Future with Sifi Networks and Nokia


It's you who says so! Mégalis Bretagne - interview

Nokia Bell Labs Future X for industries architecture

The Future X architecture harnesses technologies such as Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality, and high-performance networking — including 5G — to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of industrial sectors.

With the Future X architecture for government broadband plans, you can:

  • Develop business and technological models that attract private investment and bring ultra-broadband to more people. Our modeling will help you assess the best way to increase access to digital services and connect outlying communities.
  • Combine the most relevant, open-access ultra-broadband solutions with the lowest network deployment cost. We will help you find the right balance of technologies for terabit, gigabit and megabit connectivity. Our solutions will ensure that you deliver the best and most cost-effective performance to your people.
  • Minimize risk by working with a trusted, experienced partner and choosing ultra-broadband solutions that extend beyond technology. From consulting, idea incubation, network design and implementation to managed services, put our experience and expertise to work for you and reach your sustainability and performance goals.

Accelerate digital-era success with the power of intelligent networks

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