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Community Broadband

Build a gigabit network to bring new opportunities to your community


Our Community Broadband solution provides the building blocks you need to create an ultra-high-speed gigabit access network for your community.

This comprehensive solution combines our leading FTTH technologies and unmatched fiber broadband experience. It can help build a fast, smart, and sustainable network that delivers reliable value for years to come.

    Get to gigabit faster

    Eliminate risk, accelerate deployment, and reduce costs with best practices that draw on our decades of experience in building gigabit networks.

    We use our field-proven expertise to help you set up, provision, test, and troubleshoot your network. Our help ensures that your network provides reliable value from day one.

    Secure success with expert support

    Spend less and get more from your investment by taking advantage of our service and support expertise.

    We can help you with network and business modeling. Our expert services team can assist at every stage of your gigabit project, from planning and execution to optimization and maintenance.

    We created the world's first gigabit community network. And we continue to lead the way in bringing the gigabit experience to more communities. Our knowledge and experience will help you make a successful leap into the gigabit world.



    • Video-based e-learning
    • Digital school enablement
    • Effective resource and budget pooling


    • Faster connections between hospitals
    • Efficient knowledge sharing
    • Enhanced remote diagnostics support


    • Lower administrative costs
    • Smarter public security and data analysis
    • 24/7 service access


    • Increased automation and efficiency
    • Reduced traffic through remote connectivity
    • Smarter communities

    Local economy

    • Increased opportunities for individuals and businesses
    • Attractive connectivity for key verticals and new businesses
    • More flexibility for small businesses and remote workers

    Benefits and features

    Competitive advantage 

    • Gain a competitive advantage by providing a gigabit or multi-gigabit service offer

    Sustainable value

    • Get sustainable value from your fiber investment with a network that can meet bandwidth demands for years to come and evolve using the same passive and active components

    Eco-friendly energy saving

    • Make your business eco-friendly and help communities save energy with a network that enables e-services and provides the lowest power consumption per Gbps

    Cost-effective network

    • Build a cost-effective network that combines high density with long reach and low OPEX

    “Nokia's key roles in pioneering ultra-broadband and gigabit network deployments, not to mention its 200 FTTH customers worldwide, have earned the company a wealth of experience in real-world, mass-market FTTH build-outs. Nokia provides a comprehensive toolkit for accelerating ultra-broadband fiber access network deployments, service velocity, and revenue generation timelines that is an ideal solution for municipalities, utilities, and other non-traditional operators.”
    Erik Keith
    Erik M. Keith
    Principal analyst, Current Analysis

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