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Core Enterprise Solution For Public Safety

Core Enterprise Solution for public safety

A converged mission-critical core network provides essential communication services across multiple domains and agencies, modernizing operations so first responders can act more efficiently, thereby saving lives. It offers public safety organizations the ability to start with their existing use cases and add to them with new ones that make use of today’s 4G and 5G capabilities.

Nokia Core Enterprise solution for public safety is a key component in Nokia’s end-to-end mission-critical Private LTE network solution. This cloud-native 4.9G and 5G core solution is optimized for the mission-critical needs of public safety organizations.

How Nokia’s core enterprise solutions support public safety

Public safety agencies need secure, wide-area wireless coverage to support mission-critical communications for first responders. They also can benefit from hyper-local position tracking, IoT, network convergence, and other capabilities available in 4.9G and 5G networks.

Nokia Core Enterprise Solution for public safety provides that infrastructure using a cloud-native design that ensures flexibility and scalability, with a compact footprint and TCO suited to public safety agencies. It provides mission-critical capabilities, support for multiple operator core networks (MOCN) to integrate communications for multiple agencies and networks, and provides a path to 5G in a package that they can afford to operate.

Key characteristics of Nokia Core Enterprise Solution for public safety

  • Entirely cloud-native platform for flexibility
  • Standards compliant, leveraging modern communications technology for large scale networks
  • High availability with three geo-redundancy options using modern cloud techniques
  • Compact footprint with scalability for massive endpoint and sensor support
  • QoS to optimize critical use case performance and scarce spectrum
  • Delivers connectivity for voice endpoints, smart sensors, devices, with reliability and security
  • Provides platform for hyper-localization, UAV and drone operations, low-latency applications
  • Customized specifically for mission-critical public safety infrastructure needs
  • Pre-integrated, optimized mission-critical LTE/4.9G support with an evolution to 5G when needed
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Brochure: Core Enterprise Solution for Public Safety

Public safety agencies grapple daily with challenges that can mean the difference between life and death. Private wireless networks using LTE and 5G present an opportunity to address the pressing challenges that public safety organizations face today. Read the brochure to learn about our solution to these challenges, the benefits it brings, and some use cases.

Use cases covered by Nokia Core Enterprise Solution for public safety

Person to person and group communication

  • Voice, Video, Picture, Text
  • Individual, Group, Dispatch
  • Half-duplex PTT, full-duplex voice
  • Legacy system interworking (TETRA, P25, Analog)


  • Location awareness
  • Tracking of individuals & equipment
  • Guiding and directions (navigator)
  • 3D & indoor location

Control room applications

  • Dispatcher applications
  • Dispatcher interface
  • Application O&M

Surveillance and monitoring

  • Situation awareness
  • Voice, video, picture
  • Ambient listening, body camera
  • Sensor readings
  • Smoke, heat, sound (e.g. gunshot), movement, humidity, biometrics, dangerous substances


  • Database lookup, reporting 
  • Crime registers, license registers, medical records, tax records, etc.
  • Fingerprint reading, facial recognition, license plate reading

Why Nokia for Private LTE

Nokia has extensive experience with dozens of public safety and defense networks during the past several decades and is a communications technology leader for both public and private wireless networks. We have the technology and experience to help public safety organizations move from legacy systems to new private radio networks that use 4.9G and 5G – enabling a variety of new possibilities.

These technologies bring many new potential applications for public safety:

  • Sensors monitoring first responder and equipment conditions and status
  • Remote controlled drone and robot operation with video feeds
  • Mobile broadband with real-time video to improve efficiency and safety
  • Deployable cells connecting to the main network for operations during natural disasters
  • Real time AI situation analysis to help optimize operations
  • Augmented reality to improve situational awareness for first responders

As the technology evolves and new use cases emerge that require additional capabilities, Nokia Core Enterprise Solutions are designed to create a natural evolution path for public safety agencies to continuously enhance their networks with life saving technology.

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