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RXRM for ports & maritime

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With a constant flow of ships carrying people and cargo, your average global port is a complex web of mutually dependent and interlinking processes. One element falling out of place can cause major delays, which is why efficiency and safety are so crucial. RXRM is the audio-visual solution to a wide number of maritime use cases, ensuring that freight logistics run smoothly and people are able to cross borders without undue friction.

Situational awareness


RXRM’s scalable solution is designed to work on vehicles, as a singular point of reference or as a site-wide setup covering 360° and legacy cameras. When integrated into a holistic system, it ensures smooth operation across the port or ship fleet at hand. When a ferry is in port, traffic control of the vehicles coming on or off can be covered with fewer cameras and a greater reliance on analytics. One 360° camera can often perform the same role as multiple legacy cameras, saving money and offering greater flexibility. Combining a video & audio feed with IoT—to factor in elements such as like temperature, humidity, and wind speed—creates a richer situational awareness.



Ports are hazardous places at the best of times. Heavy and valuable cargo being moved around in relatively tight spaces means that every fraction of a second counts when operating tall cranes and straddle carriers. RXRM’s ultra-low latency means that, for the first time, video streaming across private wireless networks can be relied upon to provide teleoperation from a remote location. Situational awareness for the vehicle operators can also be significantly improved with the help of real-time multiple visual overlays. This gives the driver an understanding that exceeds what they experience with their own eyes. Media streams can also be saved for later viewing.

Security & surveillance

Security & surveillance

Surveillance remains the most sought-after use case for port authorities. Ports are often located in urban environments with vast sites filled with valuable third-party assets. In addition, they often double up as border entry points where people identification is crucial. As such, port operators need instant relaying of onsite activity. This can be provided with RXRM’s ultra-low latency. The ships themselves require constant monitoring to ensure smooth operation and the safety of the people onboard. RXRM’s video analytics can also provide reliable automated access using vehicle recognition. 8k footage at 60FPS provides a different level of image to the grainy lagging footage of the past. This makes it easier to identify people —a crucial tool for immigration control in international ports. Media streams can also be saved for later analysis.


Additional use cases

Whether you are a port operator, a ship owner or an OEM manufacturer, RXRM can help improve your business performance. New use cases are being found everyday—which part of your business can you see it enhancing?

For port operators

  • Remote training

For equipment vendors

  • Remote technical assistance

RXRM in a nutshell

So you’ve got an idea of the areas in which RXRM can help your business. Now get the broader picture of how you and Nokia can help drive the future of Maritime 4.0 by downloading our infographic.

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