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Public Safety

RXRM for Public Safety

RXRM for Public Safety

Keeping society safe often requires seamless coordination and a holistic view of the scenario at hand. Public events, emergency responses and mission-critical use cases are often hard to predict, both in terms of scale and the surrounding environment.

RXRM provides a flexible and scalable setup which provides essential insight and a full picture of what is happening on the ground that very moment – whether you are monitoring on the ground, in the air or thousands of miles away.

Emergency service: Fire department

fire fighters

Faster responses that save lives.

360° video and 3D audio provide a comprehensive and fully scalable setup that can be applied to critical response situations quickly and effectively. 

Drones, mobile cameras, temporary stationary cameras and supervisors with mobile cameras on the ground can all communicate directly with emergency response centers to have full control of the situation and potentially save lives. Media streams can be saved for post-incident analysis.

Police: safety & security operations at a large public event

stadium safety views

Safer public spaces. Faster responses. Greater efficiency.

By combining mobile 360° videos with legacy and/or fixed camera setups, police services can assess a holistic view of the event in question. This allows for more effective communication, with one another and remote emergency response centers. Instant 360° footage can be relayed using private and public 5G networks. Media streams can be saved for post-incident analysis.



The best care when it’s needed most.

RXRM’s ultra low latency and 360° streaming means that paramedic workers can communicate with specialist experts via video link to provide accident victims with instantaneous and expert service that can save lives.

Monitoring of critical unmanned infrastructure

windmill safety views

Powering our world with leading efficiency.

RXRM's remote accessibility provides significant savings on manpower and travel times—roaming maintenance personnel only need to travel if an issue arises that necessitates a physical site visit.

In this instance, they can receive advance information from a remote control center and plan actions prior to arriving at the site. This saves on unnecessary downtime and prevents the need to travel back and forth. Media streams can be saved for later analysis.

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