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IoT licensing program

Create new connected devices with our patent portfolio



As a pioneer in wireless technologies, Nokia has a substantial portfolio of patents relevant to the Internet of Things (IoT). It includes Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) for cellular communications and wireless LAN (WLAN). In addition, recent IoT-specific cellular communication options, such as LTE-M and Narrowband IoT, are built on our innovation.

"IoT connectivity means industries can transform the physical world to the digital world"


invested in R&D since 2000


patent families, of which
more than 6,000 declared
essential for 5G


inventions on which
patents were filed in 2023

Deliver new experiences

By licensing our patents, you can deliver new experiences with your devices based on wireless technologies. Discover our patent portfolio for new connected devices.

Woman using smart watch

Payment terminals

In places such as restaurants or taxis, payment terminals with cellular connectivity for credit card processing can streamline the customer experience. Businesses benefit by providing a secure option that makes it easier and more comfortable for customers to buy.

Woman using smart applience

Wireless metering

Smart meters in homes and businesses enable consumers reduce their consumption and provide insights into how resources, such as electricity or water, are being used. Utility companies can use this data to optimize distribution.

Container ship at sea

Asset tracking

Sensors can collect data on vehicles or goods in transit. Communicating this data in real time helps, for instance, to optimize fleets, protect high-value assets and ensure the food safety of chilled goods. Ubiquitous cellular connectivity enables prompt intervention in the event of any anomalies.

Man using smart glasses in factory

New products

The IoT continues to evolve, with new use cases being continuously developed for industry and consumer applications. Our IoT patent licensing program supports the full range of connected devices currently in the market whilst continuously expanding to cover new and upcoming devices.

License our IoT patents

Our IoT licensing team can help you to find the right licenses for your product. Patents are licensed in accordance with our licensing principles.

To find out more about licensing our patents for IoT, please contact us.

We run parallel licensing programs for mobile devicesautomotive, and consumer electronics. They provide our cellular and other Standard Essential Patent portfolios for use in those devices.

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