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Mobile devices licensing program

Create great mobile devices using our patented technologies

"Nokia’s inventions power every smartphone"

Our inventions are inside every mobile device and a wide range of connected devices. Our cellular patents have been incorporated in the standards for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G, and we have a strong portfolio of Standard Essential Patents (SEPs).

Our leadership in 5G SEPs has been confirmed by various independent studies

Our mobile devices licensing team works with mobile device manufacturers to enable the use of our world-class cellular technologies in their devices by concluding patent license agreements.

The fundamentals of our mobile devices licensing program are still the same as when we were the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer. We support the licensing of Standard Essential Patents on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms and are committed to offering licenses on those terms.

Unlock new mobile inventions

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We drive cellular innovation

We hold one of the broadest and strongest portfolios of cellular Standard Essential Patents. We invest significant time and resources into creating new technologies and helping the mobile device industry to grow.

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R&D investment

We have invested over €130 billion in research and development since 2000, and continue to invest today. In 2021, we invested around €4 billion in R&D.

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Standardization work

We have worked with standardization bodies, including ETSI, 3GPP, and 3GPP2, to help accelerate innovation in the marketplace. Our people have held – and hold – positions of responsibility in those bodies.

Fireworks and mobile devices

End-to-end portfolio

We look at every step in the communications chain, from how the network connects to the device, to how the devices work. We license an end-to-end portfolio of mobile device patents.

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Recognized excellence

Our technical contributions have been accepted into cellular standards, and most major phone manufacturers participate in our mobile device licensing program.

License our cellular Standard Essential Patents

Our mobile devices licensing team can help you to find the right licenses for your product. Patents are licensed in accordance with our licensing principles.

To find out more about licensing our patents for mobile devices, please contact us.

We run parallel licensing programs for consumer electronics, automotive and the Internet of Things. These programs provide our cellular and other Standard Essential Patent portfolios for use in those devices.