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AVA Data Suite

A suite of ready-to-use data products to accelerate AI use case development


CSPs generate a vast amount of heterogeneous data daily;gathering and preparing it is a time-consuming and challenging task for data scientists. 70-80% of data scientist’s time is spent on data gathering, extraction and preparation rather than on developing innovative AI/ML models *

What is Nokia AVA Data Suite?

Nokia AVA Data Suite is a catalog of readily available and proven data products specifically designed to expedite business insights and enable AI at scale for Autonomous Operations.

These standardized data models eliminate complexity and reduce the time required for data preparation, facilitating data scientists to accelerate the development of new AI/ML applications. 

The data products are built by ingesting, and correlating data from multiple data sources across multi-vendor, multi-domain networks.  
This is enabled by AVA Data Suite’s multi-vendor adaptors and a library of automated data transformation services. Nokia AVA Data Suite also provides data governance and security mechanisms across the data product lifecycle to validate, assure, and maintain accurate data availability, synchronization, reliability, and relevance.

*Analysys Mason, 2023

Nokia and Google Cloud partnership for a unified, efficient, and valuable telco data ecosystem – opening new opportunities for AI

Google Cloud and Nokia have partnered to bring together a valuable data ecosystem for their telco customers. Google Cloud is the preferred choice for many CSPs, offering services to host and process their complete enterprise data. As a network equipment provider and the industry’s AI trailblazer, Nokia has years of expertise in developing telco AI/ML applications.

Nokia's AVA Data Suite can be seamlessly deployed within the Google Cloud environment providing CSPs with a comprehensive library of reusable network, subscriber and IT data products. This can be leveraged within Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Big Query environment to accelerate development of innovative AI/ML applications that enhance operational efficiency and drive business growth.

Together, Google Cloud and Nokia bring state-of-the-art data technologies, methodologies, and products to capture the value of AI.

Benefits of AVA Data Suite

Simplify data ingestion

Adaptors extract multi-vendor multi-domain real-time telco data from network onto a data mesh architecture for democratized yet secure access.

Accelerate time to value from AI/ML

With AVA Data Suite’s re-usable data products, the data preparation process in the AI/ML lifecycle can be completed in 3-4 weeks – around 70% faster time to value than in a typical project (4 months for a typical project). 

Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

Eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining multiple event mediation platforms by aggregating all data from multi-vendor multi-domain network elements through a unified data layer.

Prevent GIGO (Garbage in garbage out)

High quality source and complex derived/correlated data products with proven applicability in telco AI/ML use case development ensures that AI/ML models are trained on relevant comprehensive datasets.

Features of Nokia AVA Data Suite:

Data Mesh architecture

Data federation and data abstraction helps to virtually combine data for increased agility

Adaptors for easy integration and extraction from multi-vendor multi-domain data sources

Proven Data Library

Data layer is decoupled from 100’s of telco analytics use cases developed by Nokia and transformed into reusable data products

Data quality, security and standardization

Transformation of data parameters generated by multivendor networks into a proven standard secure information model

Domain data correlation

Complex correlation across high volume real time and non real time data 

Addresses synchronization across multiple real time data streams


Want to learn more?

The AVA Data Suite demo demonstrates the specific problems data scientists face and how you can help them build their own AI use cases leveraging Nokia's AVA Data Suite and Google Cloud. The categories of the data products within the data suite provide a high-quality reusable data foundation to train, test and deploy key AIOps use cases and accelerate the journey to Autonomous Operations.

Data Products and Data Mesh explained

Traditional Big Data systems entail moving raw data from multiple sources into a large, monolithic data lake or data warehouse.

Data Mesh fundamentally differs from this approach - instead of consolidating data into a monolith, it relies on data federation and data abstraction to virtually combine data, called data products, from dispersed sources for increased agility.

Data products and the concept of a "data mesh" are closely related in the context of modern data management and data-driven organizations. Both concepts are centered around the idea of decentralization and scalability in managing and utilizing data. Data products are specific implementations within the holistic data mesh approach, representing individual data offerings created by domain-specific data teams or product teams.

Data mesh treats data as a product, which aligns with the concept of data products. Data products are designed to serve specific user or business needs, providing data in a consumable and meaningful way. Both concepts aim to democratize data within organizations, making it accessible to a broader range of users and teams. Data products are a means of achieving this democratization by providing valuable data in a self-service manner.

MLOps explained:

MLOps streamlines the process of taking machine learning models to production and maintaining and monitoring them.

Benefits of MLOps

  • Efficiency: faster model development, deployment, and life-cycle management
  • Scalability: Manage thousands of models and monitor for CI/CD
  • Reproducibility: Reproduce models and results for audit or diagnostics
  • Risk reduction: Ensures greater compliance with industry/government policies

Why Nokia AVA AI and Analytics?

Nokia AVA AI and Analytics software are proven to help CSPs boost productivity, enhance telecom customer satisfaction and reputation, and grow new revenues.

Over 290 CSPs globally rely on Nokia AVA Analytics solutions to unlock the intelligence in their 5G, 4G and fixed broadband networks. They report significant business benefits helping CSPs boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction & and reputation, and grow new revenues.

Read more about Nokia AVA AI and Analytics solutions here.

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