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AVA AI and analytics

Unlock the intelligence in your network
to take your 5G business further

Making smarter use of network data is one route to success.
The convergence of analytics, AI, automation, public cloud and software-as-a-service can turn network data into a powerful business enabler – driving improved performance, greater productivity and a superior customer experience.
Network data is a strategic asset for CSPs to meet business goals and achieve digital transformation. AI and analytics helps CSPs to unlock the true value of their data.

What is AVA telco AI and analytics?

The AVA Telco AI Ecosystem provides artificial intelligence solutions that can be delivered through the cloud (private or public). The solutions enable telcos to automate network operations and service assurance, cut costs, increase agility and boost subscriber experience. Most operators are seeing flat or falling revenues. AI and analytics can potentially help reduce churn and incubate new sources of revenue. Our solutions are delivered as a service, so there’s zero upfront CAPEX.

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What are the challenges for implementing AI in telecoms?

As 5G and the applications it enables add complexity to existing networks, the use of AI to manage and optimize these networks is becoming a requirement.

CSPs now also have many different layers of cellular technology that add further complexity, not to mention the new use cases and abilities, like network slicing, come along. This makes it “impossible” to efficiently operate modern networks manually. Without AI, operators would have to significantly increase the number of network engineers and field operators to keep up, a move that would drastically increase operating costs. However, building in-house solutions would require considerable time and financial investment.

Why choose AVA telco AI and analytics

How AVA analytics, insights and AI/ML helps you unlock the intelligence in your 5G networks:

Enhancing telco reputation and customer experience:

Improving productivity in telecom:

  • 30% faster network issue resolution
  • 95% correct/helpful diagnosis of network
  • 60% improved resolution of customer problems
  • 15–20% reduction in installation & repair time
  • 20–30% improvement in call avoidance
  • 90% first-time right recommendations

Growing new telco revenues:

What our customers have achieved with us

AVA AI and Analytics solutions are proven to help CSPs boost productivity, enhance telecom customer satisfaction & reputation and grow new revenues. POST Luxembourg, a Tier-1 European service provider, has used Nokia AVA home and access analytics to proactively identify and address 97% of network issues before they affect subscribers. Our telco network energy efficiency solution is helping China Mobile to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%. We provide real-time insight into network performance and the subscriber experience to Vodafone enabling fast, informed action across business domains.

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“Nokia’s AI-driven access analytics solution has given us the ability to proactively address issues, reducing customer calls by solving multiple issues in a single intervention and creating overall efficiencies in our troubleshooting process.”
Patrick Rausch
Senior Project Manager, POST Luxembourg
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