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AI and analytics

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Transforming Telecom with AI and Analytics

The telecommunications industry faces a complex and ever-changing landscape, demanding business growth, more efficient operations, and a competitive edge to thrive. Implementing AI and analytics in telecom is not just about streamlining; it's a transformative force for your entire business. In this context, Generative AI (GenAI), a new generation of AI technologies, holds immense promise for the telecommunications sector.

Whether you're a leading Tier 1 communications service provider (CSP) or a smaller, regional player, AI solutions for telecom networks are proven to enhance efficiency, foster innovation, address security concerns, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction – positioning you at the forefront of the digital ecosystem.

But where should you begin? What are the most promising use cases for AI in Telecom?

Telco AI for today and tomorrow

Benefits and use cases of AI in telecommunications

Based on our experience implementing AI solutions in telecom networks, the top five most promising AI use cases are:

AI’s role in reshaping the telecom industry

The positive impact of AI in telecom

AI is reshaping the telecom industry by optimizing network resources, enhancing service operations, and transforming the customer experience. Companies are investing in AI to gain a competitive edge and drive digital transformation. Without a doubt, Generative AI and large language models (LLM) have further fueled interest in AI within our industry.

Challenges and considerations for implementing telco AI

While the potential benefits are significant, implementing AI in telecom networks requires careful planning, strategy, and expertise. Challenges with integrating AI include finding the right talent, accessing high-quality data, addressing trust and security concerns, and scaling Proof-of-Concept trials to reach commercial viability. To address these challenges, ensure you work with a partner that is committed to your success, can provide real-world solutions for your AI needs, and will deliver proven results at scale. 

Our commitment to AI in telecom

At Nokia, we’re dedicated to shaping the future of AI in telecom. With a commitment to responsible AI practices, our comprehensive AI- solutions cover everything from the core network to operations to network security. As one of the world’s most ethical companies, we take pride in our deep knowledge of CSP needs, networks, data, and our extensive experience deploying secure, AI-powered solutions.

Our dedication to ongoing R&D uniquely positions us as your partner of choice, committed to keeping you at the forefront of AI for the long term. 

Our range of offerings includes our award-winning AVA AI & Analytics software solutions which are cloud-based (private or public), available as-a-service for cost flexibility, and will enable you to monetize your network investments. We will help you address your top challenges and guide you through your AI-powered transformation.

But don’t take our word for it. Gain insights from our customers’ successes. 

How can our AI in telecom solutions transform your business

From automated support that provides real-time resolutions to predictive analytics that anticipate network bottlenecks, Nokia’s comprehensive AI- and Analytics-powered portfolio aligns with your business agility needs.

Our proven solutions deliver significant improvements in operational efficiency, customer experience, revenue capture, and advanced security assurance. Partner with us today to discover the full potential of AI in telecom, whether through our AVA solutions or the wide array of AI-driven solutions that make us your partner of choice.

As our industry ramps up the deployment of AI in telecom, we must ensure that responsible, trustworthy, and ethical principles are met. AI is being explored and implemented for operations, troubleshooting, predictive maintenance, self-organization, sustainability, and security; it will also be used to deliver new state-of-the-art, real-time services. Read this whitepaper from Nokia Bell Labs to learn more about how AI will reshape the telecom industry.

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