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AVA - Fixed Network Insights

Optimize broadband user experience and network operations with analytics

Enhance fixed broadband experience with proactive network insights

AVA Fixed Network Insights provides AI powered automated insights and recommendations that optimize broadband customer experience over multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology fixed broadband networks.

AVA Fixed Network Insights: Empowering fixed broadband operators with AI-driven insights and rapid problem resolution

AVA Fixed Network Insights has helped fixed broadband operators automate decision making across network operations, telco customer care, engineering and marketing departments through AI/ML driven insights and recommendations. It collects access and WiFi network, router, device and OSS (operations support system) data to proactively identify problems using Bell Labs developed AI/ML models.

In addition to network insights, recommendations and next best actions are provided to proactively identify and rapidly resolve fixed broadband problems, thus increasing telco customer satisfaction.

AVA Fixed Network Insights is available for access technologies such as fiber, fixed wireless access 4G/5G, cable, DSL and home technologies including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Powerline, System, VoIP & Optical.

Now available as SaaS

Built on Nokia’s Telecom SaaS delivery framework, AVA Fixed Network Insights can be quickly deployed over a choice of hyperscaler public clouds to accelerate time-to-value from fixed broadband operations transformation.

The SaaS model offers compelling economies of scale as well as improved cost management. It eliminates the financial risk associated with software maintenance, updates, upgrades and scaling. This results in a lower total cost of ownership than traditional models.

Benefits of Telecom SaaS for Fixed Network Insights

Accelerate time-to-value through easy integration to your existing broadband operations environment 

No need to invest in compute and storage infrastructure

Single subscription includes operating license, service, care, upgrades and cloud infrastructure


How Nokia helped stc to deliver a great broadband experience

Telco customer experience challenge

Stc was looking to deliver a great customer experience for new and existing broadband customers by creating frictionless touchpoints across customer journeys, from activation to customer care.

The challenge was that they had a limited view of customer usage patterns and experiences which made it difficult to boost engagement, drive loyalty and minimize churn.

Fixed Network Insights: helping CSPs to analyze individual telco customer experience 

Nokia’s Fixed Network Insights helped the operator analyze individual customer experiences with 360 degree observability of target customer journeys in near real time. 

Instead of relying on manual analysis of limited KPI’s, the management team could now proactively identify detractors and areas of poor customer experience utilizing a customer experience index derived from applying machine learning (ML) models on a unified data management layer integrating touchpoints across device, network, billing and CRM.


POST Luxembourg


Key benefits of Fixed Network Insights

Enhanced telco user experience

3600 observability across customer journeys from activation to usage and proactive insight driven customer care

Improve first contact resolution (FCR) and average handling time (AHT)

AI driven observations accelerate root cause analysis and actionable recommendations drive next best actions

Reduce expensive truck-rolls

End to end observability into home and access network issues improves remote resolution capabilities and reduces the need to send technicians onsite

Speed up time-to-value for telco customers

SaaS delivery drastically reduces the time taken for operators to adopt Fixed Network Insights to optimize their Fixed Broadband OPEX

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