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AVA - Fixed Network Analytics

Nokia’s home and access network analytics to detect and resolve network, service and device issues proactively before customers are impacted

What is the purpose of network analytics?

Holistic network analytics and insights ensure a better network and customer experience. Having a complete view across mobile and fixed networks, and home and access networks lets you see

  • how the services are being used at any given time, e.g., across network technologies 4G & 5G
  • who are the customers who are unable to access telecom services or have network experience incidents
  • and which device models (mobiles, home devices, IoT) are causing experience degradations.

Network analytics monitors and troubleshoots the network service quality, service usage, and traffic in real-time at a network-wide level down to individual cells for subscribers and devices in mobile and fixed networks. It enables visualization of network performance to operations, customer care, marketing, and sales from a subscriber perspective. Network insights show real-time information about network capacity and traffic patterns, preventing network issues from happening. It also shows real-time visibility to subscriber activity across mobile and fixed domains, enabling the operations teams to stay on top of what is happening in the network.

Benefits of network analytics:

  • operations can detect and troubleshoot subscriber issues rapidly
  • telecom customer care can discover and resolve problems as soon as they are experienced
  • network planning for more effective investments based on network insights on telecom network resource usage
  • identify the most popular network device models and those that cause the most issues
  • monitor network services uptake in real-time

Proactive actionable network analytics to improve the home broadband experience

Industry analysts report that between 70% and 80% of the issues occur in home and access networks, while 70% of all problems are still escalated to help desk by end users. Further to this, half of the reported issues are related to network issues in home, such as Wi-Fi.

To address those challenges to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, CSPs need an advanced software solution to help them – proactively and at scale – diagnose and troubleshoot home and access network and ability of their teams to enhance the customer experience. Nokia's fixed network analytics provides domain driven and AI powered automated insights and recommendations that optimize broadband customer experience over multi-vendor, multi-domain and multi-technology networks. It diagnoses, with high accuracy, over a dozen home and broadband line impairments as well as the extent to which they may impact customer experience. This enables CSP teams to proactively rank the most impacted subscribers and resolve issues before they happen.

Nokia’s fixed network analytics for home and access networks collects network and OSS (operations support system) data from multi-vendor network elements and segments to proactively identify problems using Nokia proprietary and patent protected algorithms. In addition to network insights, recommendations and next best actions are provided, to resolve problems and increase customer satisfaction in telco industry. Nokia solution covers access technologies such as copper, fiber, cable, fixed wireless access 4G/5G, and home technologies like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Powerline, System, VoIP & Optical.

What are the parts of fixed network analytics?

Our fixed network analytics, Nokia AVA Fixed Network Insights, is pre-integrated with Nokia’s Service Management Platform and Home Device Manager providing closed-loop automation. The portfolio is also strengthened by specific network intelligence capabilities that further enhance the collection of network insights for proactive and reactive care.

Nokia Network Analyzer – Fiber (NA-F) ensures that the PON and optical links meet QoS (quality of service) requirements for the best broadband customer experience of successful fiber-to-the-home services deployment. And Nokia Network Analyzer – Copper (NA–C) ensures that your digital subscriber lines (DSLs) deliver the quality and stability you need to succeed with high-speed internet and triple-play services.

By combining these capabilities, you can use predictions to support automation and actions that optimize the customer experience.


Fixed network analytics – Turning raw data into actionable insights and recommendations

What are the key business drivers of fixed network analytics?


Return on Investment


reduction in truck roll costs


reduction in customer support costs


reduction in device swap costs

Why choose Nokia AVA Fixed Network Insights?


Optimize network operations and engineering teams in an automated way

Nokia’s fixed network analytics has helped proactively identify and address broadband line impairments leading to increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency metrics. That included reduction in field tech dispatch by 20%, 95% accuracy in problem diagnosis, and significant improvements in first time right and time to repair metrics. With our AI analytics, European CSP’s troubleshooting has evolved into an AI-driven automated process improving performance of their operations team and enhancing the home broadband experience.

Improve telco customer experience by detecting and remediating issues proactively

Nokia’s fixed network analytics has helped to improve accuracy of diagnosis and troubleshooting processes, reduce unnecessary field tech dispatches and launch proactive actions based on predicted impairment and customer impact, leading to a significant increase in customer satisfaction. For example, European CSP leveraged recommendations for 90% first time right when addressing customer complaints.

In addition, fixed network analytics proactively ranks subscribers per area and issue type to trigger customer care and network operation teams in approaching these customers. It has helped in identifying silent churners suffering from poor customer experience but failing to report the issue. Also, European CSP has reduced help desk call volume by 20% with proactive actions and notifications to end users via self-care applications.

Adopt telco data driven decision making to increase overall productivity

Nokia’s fixed network analytics has helped CSP’s to automate decision making across operations, customer care, engineering and marketing departments through data powered telecom insights and recommendations. It has also empowered data analytics teams with hundreds of precomputed insights and use cases for further correlation and modeling by using our network analytics.

For example, we helped North American CSP’s operation teams in proactive maintenance utilizing actionable insights to improve accuracy of diagnosis and troubleshooting process, reduce unnecessary field tech dispatches and launch proactive actions based on predicted impairment. Consequently, data driven decision making has led to significant reduction of time-to-repair metrics and first-time-right metrics.

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