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Cable operators

Solutions for cable operators

The cable industry is at the cusp of the largest transformation in its history. Cable operators are pivoting from being primarily providers of video to seeking growth in high-speed broadband, internet-based OTT and streaming services, and enterprise and IoT services — all delivered via fixed and wireless 5G public and private networks.

Cable operators are poised to capture large shares of these emerging and fast-growing markets by investing in network and digital transformation, convergence, and virtualization. They will grow their market share and revenue by creating, offering, delivering and supporting higher-value residential, mobile and enterprise services with lower cost, reduced risk, and higher ROI at hyper-scale speed to market

Nokia solutions for cable operators prepare you for future success today by enabling you to support new business models, while dynamically and cost-effectively adapting to changing customer demands. We help you evolve your networks, adopt cloud-native technology, leverage data for customer engagement and efficiency, automate the design, delivery and assurance of 5G-era services at scale, and build adaptive security operations to bring more value to your customers.

Nokia solutions can help you:

  • Boost network scalability and performance while reducing operating expense
  • Go to market quickly with minimal disruption to existing, complex systems and processes
  • Secure an ever-expanding network perimeter
  • Apply AI/ML and automation at scale to fail fast, innovate, and monetize with superior customer experience even faster
  • Increase top- and bottom-line revenue and profitability

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