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Software for intelligent cable networks

Use software innovations that transform cable services

Nokia cable solutions can help you use cloud technologies, cognitive analytics, operational intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and enhanced security to bring more value to your customers. Our software innovations support cable network optimization and let you evolve your network to create new markets and reinvent existing ones. They prepare you for future success by enabling you to support new business models and adapt to changing customer demands.


Use software innovations to transform your cable network and address new customer demands

Challenge: Improve the customer experience

Like many cable operators, you may be working hard to improve the customer experience. But there’s always more to do. You need to ensure that customers enjoy excellent, personalized service at every stage of their journey, from ordering to installation, communications, and issue management. In other words, your customers need to be at the center of every decision you make.

    Solution: Embrace new software technologies to deliver service and operational excellence

    To improve the customer experience, you need to:

    • Provide personalized services, compelling content, and innovative technology
    • Achieve operational excellence in service delivery

    Interacting with customers – on the phone, online, in their homes – is as important as the services you provide. We help you increase your value to customers with technologies that bring operational intelligence and automation to your service offers.

    Combine operational intelligence with automation to deliver more value to customers


    Optimize the customer experience by embracing a holistic approach to CEM

    Boost customer loyalty and profitability by combining predictive analytics with customer care automation

    Streamline service operations with SDN, NFV, and cloud technologies

    Digital customer experience management
    Use customer experience management (CEM) to reduce costs and seize new business opportunities. Our CEM solutions help you operate more efficiently and ensure that customers get maximum value from your services. They extend a holistic approach to CEM across the fixed and mobile domains and use machine learning and cognitive analytics to turn insights into actions along the entire customer journey. With our solutions, you can:

    • Optimize the customer experience across every touchpoint
    • Deliver new services that address customers' changing needs, wants and interests
    • Use network and device data to support customer care automation, customer-centric processes, and actions that optimize customer satisfaction

    Learn more about our BSS solutions >

    Home analytics, insights, and reporting
    Reduce costs, increase customer loyalty, and generate more revenue by resolving issues proactively, before they affect the customer experience. Our cognitive analytics solutions evaluate service, device, and network data to predict customer issues and prescribe next best actions for resolving them. They enable proactive care, which prevents problems that cause dissatisfaction and works to continuously improve the home, mobile, IoT, and small cell customer experience. Find out more about our analytics and insights solutions >

    Service delivery platforms for digital networks and operations
    Simplify service design, fulfillment, activation, and delivery with network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN), and cloud technologies. Our cloud-enhanced service delivery solutions enable you to evolve to an open, standards-based service delivery architecture that increases your agility and operational efficiency. They include our CloudBand and Comptel portfolios, and our cloud-based session border controller (SBC). Find out more about our Cloud solutions >

    Service assurance, IP network analytics, and optimization
    Improve IP network performance, security, and efficiency for the cloud and IoT era. Nokia Deepfield delivers IP network analytics and DDoS protection that let you manage and secure your network in real time. This software-only solution instantly determines how cloud applications and services impact your network and subscribers. Find out more about our Deepfield solution >

    Nokia Bell Labs Consulting 
    Gain an independent view of technology and its financial impacts on your business. Nokia Bell Labs Consulting offers TCO modeling and business planning services that can help you compare network evolution scenarios and make investment decisions with clarity and confidence. Find out more about Nokia Bell Labs Consulting >


    Combine innovative services with operational intelligence

    Nokia can help you improve the customer experience with innovative offers and excellence in service creation, delivery, and support. Our software solutions let you combine automation with intelligence and new technology trends to provide more value to customers. By leveraging our technologies and expertise, you can streamline your operations and deliver services that inspire customer loyalty.

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