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Network intelligence, analytics and DDoS security

Our Deepfield portfolio provides solutions that cover IP network intelligence, analytics and distributed denial of service (DDoS) security. With our Deepfield portfolio, you can obtain unique, real-time network and services insight that can help you improve your network performance and security, and optimize your customer experience for the 5G, cloud and IoT era.

With the Deepfield portfolio you can:

  • Gain holistic visibility into cloud applications and services that flow into and across your network
  • Optimize peering, transit and caching to make the most cost-effective use of your network resources
  • Enhance quality of experience (QoE) for video streaming services
  • Streamline operations with automatic reports, notifications and triggers that can be integrated into operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS)
  • Improve the overall security of your network through next-generation DDoS detection and mitigation

The Deepfield portfolio gives you actionable, multi-dimensional insight into cloud and content delivery network (CDN) services and the ways that they relate to your network, services and subscribers. It also provides a toolkit that can help you track and react to network anomalies and security threats in real time.




Gain a holistic view of your network, services and subscribers

Deepfield correlates large data sets, infers “hidden” knowledge about your network, services and subscribers, and makes this knowledge available for you to investigate through customized queries and on-the-fly visualizations. This gives you an un-siloed, holistic view of your network, peering and transit, and all CDN flows.

Deepfield can overlap real-time information collected from your network with the Deepfield Cloud Genome® feed. This gives you full insight into how your network delivers your services (from CDN servers within your network) or internet-based application and content services to your end systems, users and subscribers.

Automate your network and operations

The visibility provided by Deepfield solutions brings you previously unattainable insight into your network, services and subscribers. You can use this insight to drive and automate network performance and security. Your automation options range from creation of automated reports and automatic triggering of notifications that meet certain criteria to further integration with your systems and processes.

Secure your network against DDoS threats and attacks

To combat sophisticated DDoS attacks, you need a more intelligent, cost-effective, scalable and adaptable defense strategy. Our Deepfield security solutions use real-time analytics with intelligence to monitor, recognize and stop DDoS attacks, and provide 360-degree protection both against inbound (external – from the internet) and outbound (internal – from hijacked or malicious devices within your network) threats and attacks.  


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