Deepfield: IP network analytics and DDoS protection

Improve your network performance and security and optimize the customer experience in the cloud and IoT era

Our Deepfield solution delivers the IP network analytics and DDoS protection you need to manage and secure your network in real time.

This software-based solution lets you:

  • Gain visibility into cloud apps and services flowing to and through your network
  • Optimize customer quality of experience (QoE) for over-the-top streaming—and reduce churn
  • Improve security through cost-effective distributed denial of service (DDoS) detection and mitigation 

Deepfield delivers the multi-dimensional insight you need to increase customer QoE and secure your networks from today’s highly complex DDoS attacks—all while lowering CAPEX and OPEX.


How Deepfield works

The Deepfield solution analyzes billions of endpoints on the internet using the Cloud Genome data feed and determines how traffic from these sources flows through the internet to reach your network. Then, when combined with your own network and enterprise, the solution tracks the traffic’s progress through the network and how it reaches end users.

With this information, you can provide service intelligence to cloud and IoT traffic—for the first time ever—to increase customer satisfaction and prevent churn. You can find the cloud services or IoT devices that are the source of DDoS attacks, then shut down the source of the traffic before the attack impacts your customers and your business.

The Deepfield solution ingests dozens of data sources to provide an un-siloed view of the network in real time. This visibility delivers previously unattainable network, performance and security analytics. The results are cloud and network intelligence, improved performance through OTT video QoE intelligence and reporting, and enhanced security through context-aware DDoS protection.


Deepfield insight drives network automation with NSP + FP4

Deepfield insight drives network automation with NSP + FP4

Nokia Network Assisted DDoS Mitigation

DDoS protection with Deepfield insight + FP4 cloud-scale routing


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