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Deepfield Genome

Mapping internet traffic and security

Our Deepfield Genome data sets provide a complete and continuously updated map of the internet and its flows. They give you full visibility of the internet traffic and security threats in your network.

Keeping up with the fast-evolving internet world

The internet is growing to support more IP endpoints, higher traffic volumes, greater geographical reach and more autonomous systems. It’s also transforming to meet the demands of a greater variety of systems, end devices and applications.

The dawn of the cloud, 5G and IoT era is also bringing a great consolidation of traffic-originating domains. Today, a handful of these domains generate and distribute almost 90 percent of all internet traffic. Most of that traffic is encrypted.

With the Deepfield Genome data sets, you get comprehensive insight that can help you understand the traffic that passes through your network and shield your network and subscribers from cyberattacks.

Deepfield Cloud Genome

Deepfield Cloud Genome® tracks, maps and analyzes billions of internet endpoints and flows to provide a dynamic supply map of the internet. It provides full visibility into the ways that applications and content are delivered from all internet sources to your network and across your network to your subscribers.

Deepfield Secure Genome

Deepfield Secure Genome complements the Deepfield Cloud Genome by maintaining a database with up-to-date information on potential distributed denial of service (DDoS) threats and secure and insecure (allow/block) internet sources, destinations and traffic patterns.

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