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Cable Wi-Fi and mobility services

Combine Wi-Fi with mobility services to unlock new opportunities

Nokia can help you seize new opportunities and secure subscriber loyalty with offers that combine Wi-Fi and mobility services. With our help, you can use smart investments and partnerships to deploy quality Wi-Fi, evolve to full mobility, and be ready to monetize the need for dense small cell deployments, the Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G.

Challenge: Evolve your business and embrace the cable mobility opportunity

Changing markets are compelling cable operators to further monetize Wi-Fi assets, join new mobility value chains, and maintain a quality experience. To keep pace, you need to:

  • Control Wi-Fi service quality
  • Work with mobile network operators (MNOs) to deliver seamless mobile experiences
  • Support small cell densification with location, power, and backhaul capabilities
  • Evolve your network to support hybrid access types, smart resource allocation, analytics, and monitoring capabilities

Solution: Deploy a flexible framework of Wi-Fi and mobility capabilities

A framework of interoperable Wi-Fi and mobility capabilities can enable you to scale residential Wi-Fi services, expand community Wi-Fi schemes, deploy business services, and partner with MNOs.

You can use these capabilities and partnerships to offer quad-play services, deploy new revenue-generating products, leverage your footprint for mobile anyhaul services, and adapt to new business models and opportunities.

Meet growing demand for converged broadband services and expand your brand into new vertical segments

Boost loyalty and generate new revenues by evolving venue or event connectivity into immersive digital experiences

Be ready to monetize small cell densification and 5G

Build your mobility framework

We provide a framework that lets you deliver full mobility services in emerging value chains. You can deploy components of this framework as, where, and when you need them.


Expand into new mobility value chains with an interoperable framework of Wi-Fi and mobility capabilities

Multi-technology access points and small cells

Enrich your offer by providing access to licensed and unlicensed spectrum indoors and outdoors. Our portfolio includes our AirScale Wi-Fi and AirScale radio access products, along with solutions for 5G, and IoT deployments.

Wireless LAN gateway

Create community Wi-Fi schemes and expand Wi-Fi canopies with a wireless LAN gateway. Our high-bandwidth WLAN-GW function supports aggregation, granular traffic conditioning, high-density subscriber management, and high availability. It’s available in our physical 7750 Service Router and Virtualized Service Router platforms.

Multi-access Edge Computing

Captivate subscribers with superior content experiences. Our Edge Cloud platform rapidly processes content at the edge of the wireless network to reduce latency and deliver ultra-responsive performance. The platform supports licensed and unlicensed technologies and local breakout (e.g. video service) to create new venue experiences and business possibilities.

IP mobile anyhaul

Be 5G-ready and use anyhaul capabilities to ease the evolution of existing mobile xhaul and facilitate the transition to cloud RAN, cloudified baseband units, and cloud packet cores. With our IP Anyhaul solution, you can bring robust fronthaul, midhaul, or backhaul connectivity to your network or offer it to other providers as a service. Our solution makes it easy to use existing fiber-to-the-home deployments for anyhaul applications.

Mobile packet core platforms

Get the right core functionality for your business model, whether you are deploying a full packet core or becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). Our Cloud Packet Core includes:

We also address these functions with our hardware-based 7750 SR Mobile Gateway.

Supporting platforms

Deploy platforms that simplify service fulfillment, management, and optimization. We can help you:


Bell Labs Consulting

Gain an independent view of technology and its financial impacts on your business. Nokia Bell Labs Consulting provides total cost of ownership (TCO) modeling and business planning services that help you compare network evolution scenarios. Our experts can help you make pragmatic investment decisions with clarity and confidence.

Road crossing

Give customers the mobility experience they expect

Nokia can help you address the growing demand for anywhere, anytime connectivity.

Our platforms are based around a Wi-Fi and mobility services framework that enables you to deliver fast and reliable connections to customers at home, at work, in public spaces, and on the go.

This framework can help you expand into new value chains, earn customer loyalty, and capture new revenue.